Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Daily Review: PicoBong Kiki

I have another (way overdue) review for the ever wonderful people at Babeland. I was given two toys made the luxury toy maker, Lelo. This review is in regards to the Kiki, and the other review is for the Oden.

 Honestly, I know there are a lot of people that like Lelo, but after experimenting with most of their PicoBong line and one toy from the SenseMotion line, I'm not sure how I feel about the brand. Yes, I really liked the Mahana and the Ipo, but the rest of my toys, such as the Honi and Kiki were better used as teaser toys.

Anyway, moving on. Kiki is made of the same silicone used for the rest of the PicoBong line, which is super smooth and attracts almost no particulars  whatsoever. In my opinion, it almost feels like plastic. The bottom part, which is to be unscrewed to place the battery in the toy, is made of plastic. 

The toy does have a rather large crack in between the bottom cap and the rest of the toy. This is actually a common flaw with the rest of the PicoBong line. It might not seem like a problem at first, but since I squirt when I orgasm, I find that it's incredibly easy for fluid to get stuck and overlooked if the toy is not being paid enough attention during the cleaning process. The user needs to be careful because if water does get into the battery chamber during cleaning, the toy can be damaged.

When I got Kiki, I was really surprised by its small size. For some odd reason, I thought it was going to be a  lot larger. However, I also almost never check the specs of a toy, so that really shouldn't be that big of a surprise for me. Kiki is about 3 1/2 in length, and has no insertable length. At its narrowest, it is about 3" and at its widest, it is about 5".

The toy has a flat head, which can be used for "broad" clitoral stimulation. I put broad in parenthesis because as someone who pretty much needs a lot of surface area to be covered on my clit to get off, it didn't really do the job. The sides of the head can be used for pinpoint stimulation. The toy narrows down to a little "neck" and then becomes more broad. In my opinion, it look likes an elongated egg.

Kiki, though really not designed for this purpose, could be used to stimulate the nipples, the taint, the perineum, or anything external body part you can think of. Do not use on aches and pains on the legs, however, because this can be fatal. (Sometimes these pains are actually clots, and the vibrations could sent it straight to the heart). Also, do not insert this anally, because this has no base whatsoever. I doubt you want to go to the ER for a painful extraction, unless you're into that. This is really not meant to be inserted vaginally, but if that's what you want to do, go for it.

Who would I recommend the Kiki to? Kiki is probably best for someone who likes buzzy and weaker moderate intensities. It's also good for someone who doesn't need either pinpoint stimulation or broad stimulation. I wouldn't recommend this to beginners because there isn't a large variety of intensities to choose from, and some newbies might find that they don't like how buzzy it is.

Kiki, why must you be so buzzy?! It starts off with a soft vibration, then gradually becomes stronger (and more buzzy). At its most powerful, it's probably similar to some other cheaper bullets at their strongest intensity. By the time I scrolled up to the last intensity, my fingers were incredibly uncomfortable. Though the vibrations were focused on the top of the toy, they were mildly dispersed throughout the rest of the toy, which caused me "itchy fingers syndrome."

To turn the toy on and off, there is + sign located within the "b" of the logo on the side, and there is a - located in the "P;" make sure to press either key for about three seconds. To change the intensity, hold either sign for about a second. The toy will always start off with the weakest intensity when turned back on.

One major plus about Kiki is that it's super quiet. I was seriously masturbating with my door open, and my other roommate couldn't hear me.

For cleaning, you'll want to wipe the silicone part with a 10% bleach solution or if you're not interested in that kind of heavy duty cleaning, wipe the toy down with a toy cleaner and/ or warm water and soap. Make sure to get in between the crevices of the logo (and of course, remember what I mentioned about the crease). For the plastic cap, wipe it down with a toy cleaner and/ or soap and warm water.

What did you think of Kiki?
It's a cute idea, but I think it's a better teaser toy than anything else. I sat with the toy between my legs for about a minute, and I was barely aroused. However, I do like the silicone that Lelo used and I'm a big fan of how quiet it is. If Lelo can produce a toy that quiet with a little more power, I would be incredibly happy.

Pros: Excellent Silicone, super quiet, travel sized
Cons: Really buzzy, not beginner friendly, creases attract dirt and fluids

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