Wednesday, December 7, 2011

PicoBong Mahana

Ta-da! OK, I'm finally starting about five or six toy reviews. For this review, I'll reviewing PicoBong's Mahana from luxury toy maker, Lelo, which was kindly provided to me by Babeland.

What is it?
The Mahana is a duo vibe- it is meant to stimulate the clit and the g spot; however, if you decide to use it anally, that's perfectly acceptable too. It's U- shaped, sort of like the We-Vibe 2 or 3, but on a smaller scale.

This toy is ideal for women who have shallow g-spots and are looking for a smaller and versatile toy. This is not meant for those who have deep g-spots and enjoy girth and length. This isn't necessarily ideal for the newbie, but it's great for those who have intermediate to advanced experience with vibrators.

What is it made of?
The Mahana's insertable parts are made of luxurious silicone, and the handle is made of plastic. The silicone and plastic are hypo- allergenic, phthalate free, food grade material, latex free, and non-porous. I will sing praises about the silicone; this kind of silicone doesn't attract any dirt, pet hair, or any other types of spare particles. The silicone is incredibly smooth, with almost no drag.

The silicone can be sterilized by wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution; in order to just clean it, you can wash the toy with toy cleaner or soap and water, or it can be wiped down with an isopropynol.alcohol. Plastic cannot be sterilized. Be sure to clean between the indents of the logo of the toy; it can be easy for fluid to get stuck there.

The Mahana is compatible with only water based lubes.

How big and powerful is it?
As I mentioned earlier, this is best for those who are newer to toys or those who prefer smaller toys. The whole toy is about 4 1/2 inch long, with a total insertable length of 4 inches on each side. The toy has a circumference of 3 1/4 inches, with a diameter of 1 inch. The whole thing weighs about 2.25 oz. This is a toy you shouldn't get tired of thrusting with.

The Mahana requires two AAA batteries. It has several power options: regular vibrating mode, escalating, pulsating, and roller coaster. The bullets are actually independently powered, so if you want change the power of one bullet, you have to actually tinker with that side of the toy. On both bullets, there is a plus and minus sign located discretely within the logo on the toy.

The controls are actually located on the insertable parts of the vibe, which I found a bit odd. I'm not sure if this is a design flaw, but the other toys on the PicoBong line share this same trait. If using vaginally and clitorally, there should be no issue with changing the options, but granted it does get annoying having to remove it every time I want the toy to be more powerful/ softer.

It's power doesn't rival the Hitachi, but it should please most individuals with it's plethora of options. It's incredibly quiet (you can't hear through a thick blanket) and is ideal for those who have children or are in a more public setting. It's waterproof to up 1 meter.

What did you think of it?
Ummmm.... well, I've been looking for the perfect toy and I'm pretty sure I've found it! So yeah, I can say that I'm in love with it. My thing is that I have a relatively shallow G-spot AND a I love my clit to be played with too. I've had some OK experiences with rabbits, but I still haven't found that one toy that could make my vagina happy. I'm also pretty happy that it's so quiet too; I'm not the most private person ever, but it's nice that my roommate isn't going to know every time I masturbate. It also is powerful enough that it should satiate me pretty much everyday.

If the controls weren't placed in such a weird spot, I would give this toy Five Stars. However, because of the controls, I'll be giving it Four Stars. Again, this toy is available at the wonderful Babeland! If you decide to purchase it, make sure to use my affiliate code 2420.

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