Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Daily Review: Lelo Oden

This is going to be my last review of the day. For this review, I was given the Lelo Oden courtesy of Babeland, so that's what we shall be talking about.

For those unaware of Lelo, it's a Swedish based sex toy company that focuses on producing high quality intimacy gear, including but not limited to, sex toys, silk bedroom accessories and massage oils. They've also created the PicoBong line and the Intimina lines.

The Oden,Tiani, and Lyla comes with a new type of technology, called SenseMotion. Basically, with SenseMotion, an individual is able to pleasure his/ her/ etc. partner up to thirty feet away with an incredibly expensive sex toy and remote. 

The Oden is the cock ring of the series, which is meant to be used on the shaft of the penis or a dildo. (Really, it's up to you.) For the sake of experiementation, I used the toy on the shaft of my Tantus Cush. I kind of knew that the vibrations were going to have a problem passing not only through its own silicone, but through the thick silicone as well of the Cush, so I stuck it in the middle, where I usually have a problem with it progressing internally. 

This might be down you alley if you or your partner(s) is/ are into playing with sex toys in public, or looking like you're controlling your partner's genitals with a Wiimote or something like that. As for penis sizes, I would only recommend this for those on the smaller size. Yes, it stretches, but only to a point and then it becomes incredibly uncomfortable. Then, it's going to sit very tightly on whomever's cock this is being used on, and it might almost feel the curling end of toy is digging into the skin. When it's not stretched, it can accommodate penis sizes as small as 1" in diameter; when stretched it can accommodate sizes up to 2 1/2". It also is suitable for those that enjoy weaker toys. 

Despite the fact that Oden is a cheaply made toy, I really liked the silicone that it's made of. It's the same silicone that the PicoBong line is made of, which is nice because it's incredibly smooth with almost drag whatsoever. Most of the cock ring and remote is made of silicone. There is a band of plastic in the center of the ring and on the back of the remote as well. To be honest, it felt incredibly cheap to the touch for being such an incredibly expensive toy. If the plastic was popped off, it could easily be bent or manipulated. After leaving it exposed in my room for a couple weeks, I found that the edge of the plastic of the remote was slightly dented. 

Now more about this SenseMotion business- with the mere "flick of a wrist, you can change the pattern." Unfortunately, this can be incredibly inconvenient when intimacy finally happens when someone moves their wrist at an inconvenient time. If you're not comfortable with that, there is manual mode that's supposed to work up to 3o- ish feet. It worked fine in my apartment, but I found it didn't relay vibrations through walls very well.  Another problem that I had with the toy is that the vibrations were delayed... For being such an expensive toy, how could Lelo allow this to happen? This toy was already losing dearly in my book.

So, how is the Oden powered? Some more inconvenience, but not as bad as everything else. First, the actual cock ring needs to be charged. To do that, take the toy apart by untwisting the ring part off and be sure to charge the body of the toy. After the toy is completely charged, be sure to you have two AAA batteries on hand, so that they may be inserted into the remote part. The back of the remote is a bitch to remove, so you have to make sure to apply pressure and slide counterclockwise with your finger tips. And your toy is ready to use!

Luckily, I didn't have to use this internally, because the other two toys that have the SenseMotion technology have a tendency to stop completely stop when inserted. Don't worry, I did the fact checking for you. I checked close to five or seven reviews, so you didn't have to suffer the sadness. 

What did you think of Oden?

For being close to $150, I wasn't expecting so many screw ups. For $150, I wasn't thinking there were going to be any screw ups AT ALL. Luckily, I didn't buy this, so I'm not totally infuriated. 

Considering that it was also produced by Lelo, I was expecting something that would be worthy of sex gods. However, seeing how the cons greatly outweigh the pros, there's no way in hell I would consider recommending this toy someone unless they wanted to purchase an overpriced toy to torture themselves or their partner.

Pros: The silicone attracted almost no dirt whatsoever, despite being forced to endure the conditions of my room for almost a month, it comes in a nice box.
Cons: Vibrations are delayed, somewhat weak, SenseMotion mode can make vibrations erratic, plastic used on the toy get scratched easily, incredibly overpriced, what was Lelo thinking???

I hope that Lelo has the chance to revamp this line because for the time being, I couldn't justify spending more than thirty bucks on it (MAYBE). Based on the pros and cons, I'll reward Lelo Oden 2 Stars. 

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