Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Daily Review: Mesh Corset [S]

This is my new reviewing assignment courtesy of EdenFantasys- thanks for another great item, guys! Today's piece is the Mesh Corset by lingerie maker, Coquette.

I'm really impressed with Coquette's quality because unlike many other lingerie makers, who tend to make their S or XS sizes ridiculously weird or for the "curvy" crowd, this firm goes out of their way to ensure that skinny chicks can look sexy, too.

The corset could be used in a variety of ways; it's excellent for the bedroom, or if you're into converting lingerie into everyday clothing, it also makes for a cute top. The set comes with a corset and detachable garters- if the user needs panties or whatever, they'll have to purchased separately.

When I received the corset, I realized it was a lot more pink than it was on the images on Eden. It's far from a light pink- it's more like a medium pink. If the user isn't a huge pink fan, it might be best to opt for another piece. The corset also has fringe on the top of the bust and on the bottom of the hem. It also three large bows- one black bow in the center, and one each on side of the hem. They are removable.

The corset and garters came in a large plastic bag; the garters came attached to the corset in a smaller plastic bag. The corset comes in three sizes:  S, M, and L. The size chart for Coquette is listed below:

I obviously purchased a Small; I should be a 4-6, I should have B cup, or a 34-36 inch bust, I should have a waist size of 26-28 inches and a hip measurement of 36-38 inches. Instead, I am a 00-1, I have an A cup, or a 32 inch bust, a waist size of 28 inches and a hip measurement of 35 inches. This corset actually runs small, which worked well for me, because it fit everything perfectly. However, if the buyer does fit the actual measurements, it would be best to order a size up. 

The corset is put together with hook and eye closures in the back, There are a total of 18 closures. The interior of the corset is lightly padded, enough so that cold nipples would not show through. However, since there is no underwire, it would be best for larger breasted women to wear a bra with this piece. It has plastic boning, so it's best to not bend this too much during use, or there's a chance that it could become warped. 

To clean the corset, it would be best to either hand wash and then let it out to air dry. Do not wash this in the machine, as it could get destroyed. 

Pros: Frilly, pink, runs small, removable bows
Cons: Kind of expensive for plastic boning, frilly, pink, runs small, digs into arm pits when sitting down. 

I feel that the corset deserves a total of 4 Stars.

If you still like the corset, use my code TKR to get 15% off your entire order. 
product picture
Corset by Coquette
Material: Nylon / Spandex
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Daily Rant

Some amusing assumptions that I come across when I read lingerie reviews for almost any kind of lingerie company or retailer:
1. I am woman. Right. What if I was a cross dressing male and I want to find some sexy bras or thongs? I would be offended. Also, what if I'm not identifying as a woman for that particular day? There are days when I think of myself as a man, so again, the offense factor plays in.

2. I have a man. I'm not sure of my sexual orientation, but  there are days when I couldn't even imagine myself being with most men (Brad Pitt is the only exception). On these days, I feel incredibly asexual or I'm incredibly attracted to women. 

3. The point of me looking at and buying lingerie (and many vibrators) is to impress "My Man." No, no it's not. Some days I really want to walk around in a g-string and skimpy bra because I want to. Not because it's my obligation to the male race to be their eye candy. 

The Daily Review: Evangeline Bustier and Thong [32]

Here's another lingerie review for the sex positive people of Eden. This piece is the Evangeline Bustier and Thong by DreamGirl.

This lacier, pink and black bustier and thong set is most suitable for bedroom play and for a kink oriented environment. However, it can also function as a top if paired properly with the right pair of pants/ skirt/ skort/ etc. This isn't as comfortable as my other bustier, but I could wear this for short periods of time.

The set includes a bustier and a g-string. It comes in one color scheme, light pink and black. Eden has several sizes available including 32, 34, 36, and 38.

I was attracted to the many frilled trimmings that the bustier had, but this might not be for everyone. The corset also has three large bows, placed in the center of the chest, and off to each side on the bottom. It has cups and underwire, for those that need the support. It also has four removable garters. It is a halter styled top, which is made by tying up the two ribbons behind the neck. The boning is plastic.

The corset and thong came packaged in a large, clear plastic bag.

The thong and the corset are made of 100% polyester. The tag on the corset states that it must be dry cleaned only, and the tag on the thong states that it must be washed cold by hand and hung out to dry. Be sure to not to bleach either piece.

I purchased the 32 size, which is equivalent to the small. According to the small size, I should have a 32- 34" bust, a 24- 26" waist, and 34- 36" hip. I should also weigh 90- 120 pounds.

I have a 32" bust, a 28" waist and a 33" hip. I weigh 97 pounds. However, despite the fact that my waist was bigger than Dream Girl's measurement, my tummy was flattened, and it fit perfectly. Everything fit well, except for the bust. The firm claimed that it would fit busts from 32- 34". However, when I wore it, it seemed more appropriate for those who have 35-36" busts. Had I wanted to that, I would have ordered the 34. Because it doesn't fit properly, there's some space between the corset and my breasts.

The corset has a zipper on the side, which makes it super easy to get in and out. It also laces up in the back; there are two large ribbons the tie up and down, which then meet in the middle. There are ten holes on each side. 

From the middle of the bust to the hem, the bustier is 15 inches in length. For the front and back, it is a total of 13" when it's not stretched. When tightened completely, it takes about 2" off the entire bustier. The hem is 2 1/2 inches in length. The cup is 5 1/2  inches long and 6 inches wide.

The thong is a regular thong, with bikini bottom strings as sides. It is about five inches across in the front and 3 inches in the back. The front to back length is 16 inches. When it's not stretched, it's a total of 12 inches. When fully stretched, it is 17 inches. The panty liner starts about 5 1/2 inches into the thong and doesn't have an ending point. When I wore it, I had no issue with placement.



What did you think of the set?

It's really pretty, but I'm not a fan of the poorly fitting bust. I've had too many lingerie pieces that didn't fit some part of me right, just because I'm too thin. 

I also noticed that when I sat down, the bustier would dig into my armpits. It would also slide and the bust would rise above my breasts, which would leave the rest of the corset to squish them. I could sit down and wear it only for about ten to fifteen minutes before I got annoyed with it. I highly recommend wearing this if the user knows that he/ she/ it/ etc. won't be spending a lot of time in it, and if so, avoid sitting if possible. It's not too bad when standing, however. 

I really want to like this corset because it has so many things to offer, at least for me. I love how classy the lace up style is, but I'm also a fan of the zipper on the side because it allows the wearer to get in and out really fast. The fringe and the bows on the front and sides are absolutely adorable as well. I also liked that it had detachable garters as well. The halter top style was definitely a fun touch. And the thong fit like a charm!

Pros: Underwire, super frilly, halter style, removable garters, pretty, flattened my tummy like it wasn't even there.
Cons: The bust was way too big!, dug into my arm pits and squished my breasts when I sat down or slouched.

The set earns 3.5 Stars. However, since Eden doesn't offer that rating, I'll bump it up to 4 Stars. If you still like this, or anything else on Eden, you can use my code TKR to get 15% off your entire order.  

product picture
Bustier by DreamGirl
Material: Polyester

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Daily Note To Self

Proofreading is your friend. No matter how perfect you may think your writing is.

The Daily List: Special Sleep Deprived Edition

Everyone seems to have a special list of toys that he/she/ it/ etc. likes to use, so I've decided to join the bandwagon and make my own super special list.

Since I've gone through a fair amount of good (and shitty) toys, I think my opinion is valid in some way, shape, or form. For these toys to make the list, they must be able to get me off, be easy to clean, must be easy on the eye- actually, I lied; only one toy's shape and size really bug me- they must not horribly phallic, and must be of high quality and last for damned near forever.

1. The Hitachi Wand- yes, this is the bulky, ugly exception I was talking about. However, its head is broad enough that it covers most of my clit. See, my deal is that I absolutely need broad stimulation. Some women really thrive off pinpointed stimulation, but my clit doesn't respond to that very well. So the Hitachi makes its entrance.

It's also incredibly powerful, and can get me off in like 2 minutes tops. You know, that's kind of a plus or whatever.

2. Je Joue Mimi- My beautiful little pebble that has buttons that infuriates everyone. Seriously, I've seen other reviewers rant about its buttons. But for some weird reason, the buttons don't bug me. Which is odd, because I'm usually irritated by everything.

Anyway, it's my go to toy when I need to prep myself for my Hitachi. And hell, some days, I don't even need it. It's also quiet enough so that my neighbors aren't thinking, "OMG, is that weird neighbor girl masturbating, again????"

3. Tantus Cush- Ah yes, Cush. I still haven't conquered you yet, but I still love you. I remember the day I got you, and my friends all gave you a funny look. I think they were scared of your monstrous size... I'm not sure why I love this so much, but I do.

But oh yeah, it's really big and it hits my g-spot perfectly. Which is nice because a g-spot should be tended to on a fairly regular basis. Plus it also doesn't vibrate; I have too many vibrators and it's cool to have something that can't be turned on by accident.

4. Je Joue Fifi- I kind of like this toy because I can hit my g- spot and clit at the same time. Considering that this rabbit actually works for my anatomy is absolutely awesome. And if I don't want to use it on my g-spot anymore, I can pull it out and use the body for some good broad stimulation.

The Daily Review: Pink License to Kill Bustier [S]

Recently, I bought way too much lingerie and body care products. I figured that I'm pretty happy with my sex toy collection for the time being, so I needed to focus on expanding my collection of intimate items instead. One of my new items is the pink License to Kill Bustier that I bought from the shop I trust.

The set comes with a corset and a g-string. The corset lacks cups, so this is something to bear in mind if the wearer absolutely needs support for breasts. Some would feel that this would only be appropriate for a private situation, but this could also work well for a play party or kink oriented situation. 

It could also be worn in a typical public setting, if paired with either jeans or skirt (or really, whatever people wear on their butts). I actually wore this for a while when I went to school and it was insanely comfortable. 

On Eden, it's available in sizes S, M, L, XL, 1X/2X, and 3X/4X. It comes in two different color options; I bought the fuscia/ black option, but it is also available in a solid black option as well. 

The corset has a lot of frills and bows, and it also strapless. It does not come with garter attachments and it does not offer a place to attach garters. It has plastic boning.

The corset and the thong came packaged in a plastic hanger case, with a cardboard picture of the model displaying the outfit from the front and back.

The corset and the thong is made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex. On both tags, they both state to hand wash the garments cold, not to bleach or iron the garments, and that the garments must be line dried. I would recommend against washing or drying the corset and the thong in the machine, so that the garments won't shrink or become damaged.

According to Seven 'til Midnight, which is the company that made this, I should be a size 2-4, I should have a 32- 34 Bust/ A Cup, a waist size of 24- 26 inches, and a hip size of 34- 36 inches. 

I  fit almost all of these parameters; My measurements are as followed; I wear a size 00-1; I have a 32 inch bust, or a 32A cup bra size, I have a 28 inch waist and a hip size of 33 inches. I also have a 13" long torso. 

I've placed the complete sizing chart above to help guide those interested in their size, according to Seven 'Til Midnight. 

Based on these measurements, it should fit the body the way a corset should fit- it should slightly minimize the breasts, hold in the tummy and sides, and taper off to the hips. It did just that for everything; however, because of my slightly pudgy belly, it showed off ever so slightly when viewed from the side. That is not the fault of the corset; however, because my waist was too large to begin with. 

The specific measurements go as followed- from the center of the corset, the top of the corset to the bottom hem is 13", and the hem is about an 1 1/2"; when laid out completely, the corset is a total of 23" long; the front is a total of 12", and the back is 11" (this is measured with the corset closed on first set of hook and eye closures). Since there are no cups provided, I can't give cup measurements. 

There are 17 eyes, with a total of three rows of hook and eye closures. For me, I found that corset was most comfortable on the third set of closures (this is most innermost set of closures.) If you decide to use the last set of the closures, you can take 2 1/2 inches off the whole corset. 

The g- string is a solid pink. The measurements for the thong are as followed: the top of the thong is 5", and from top the bottom is 6". When not stretched, the thong is 12 1/2"; when stretched, it can reach a total 15".

Images of Lingerie
Close up of Front Bottom
Close up of accents

Close up of thong


Front View
Side View

Back View (yes, my ass is burnt.)
What did you think of the set?
It's a beautiful piece that displays the body well, without constricting it to the point of pain. This is definitely not meant for training, but it's an excellent option for wearing in an a casual intimate setting or out in public, depending on how you decide to dress this up.

When I bought this, I was worried the plastic boning was going to warp because my stomach was slightly to big. I found that after wearing it, my stomach didn't cause it any issues. I was cautious when I was sitting down not to slouch too much, so that it wouldn't warp. After messing with the boning, I found that applying moderate amount of pressure did change the shape of the boning, but it could be bent back into its original shape. I did experience a mild annoying discomfort when I bent over to pick something up.

The fringe was also very nice as well. It looks itchy in the pictures, but it didn't cause me any discomfort whatsoever. It didn't irritate my skin and it made for a very fun detail to the corset. 

I don't have large boobs, so support isn't something I worry about. The shape of corset encourages the flattening the front, including breasts, but it doesn't completely hinder them from existing. The shape and the size of the breasts will be moderately flattened, but will still appear in the silhouette of the corset.

I also like the thong a lot as well. The panty liner was where it was supposed to be, and there was enough material that it wasn't shifting around during wear, which is an issue that I have when I wear narrower thongs.

I found that I like that this a lot. It's incredibly comfortable, and it's beautiful. It's also very feminine, which I'm a big fan of. I'm pleased to note that this fits my small breasts perfectly- I usually have an issue with lingerie giving me too much chest room. Also, when I sat down, the top of the corset didn't dig into my arm pits. It sat right at my sides, and it didn't ride up.

Pros: Flattering fit, not constrictive, excellent for intimate wear or everyday use
Cons: Plastic boning warps when pressure is applied

I'll reward this 4 Stars. 

If you still like this set, you can purchase this at Eden and use my code TKR to get 15% off your entire order.

product picture
Bustier by Seven 'til Midnight
Material: Polyester / Spandex

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Daily WTF

Courtesy of the good people at Upper Playground

There's so much going on that I don't even know what to say. Luckily, I don't have to say anything because the Facebook post that I derived it from has enough comments to pacify my snarky mouth. Thanks, ladies and gentlemen. Find it here.