Thursday, December 22, 2011

PicoBong Honi

I received a new toy, the PicoBong Honi, courtesy of Babeland. I enjoyed the PicoBong line thus far, but for some reason, the Honi didn't meet my requirements.

What is it?
The Honi is made by Swedish luxury sex toy company. I've really grown fond of this line because they produce toys that are moderately powerful and relatively small and travel friendly. The Honi is a small vibrating bullet that is meant to be used on the clit, but can also be applied to other erogeneous areas, such as the nipples and the testicles. The Honi can also be used to stimulate the taint, but do NOT insert this anally as it lacks a flared base and a proper retrieval method. Though it's possible to do so, I also wouldn't recommend inserting this vaginally.

The Honi is great for couple and solo play, especially for those that enjoy moderate vibrations. I wouldn't recommend this to power queens or to those who enjoy stronger vibrations, because it won't fulfill those desires. However, it can make for a great teaser toy. I would not recommend this to beginners it doesn't have enough power options for them to choose from.

What's it made of and how do you clean it?
The part that is used on the body is made of silicone, while the back of the toy, which holds the battery, is made of ABS plastic. The silicone is non-porous, hypoallergenic, latex and phthalates free, and a food grade material.

The silicone of the PicoBong collection is unlike any silicone I've felt before. It's incredibly smooth, almost like plastic. It attracts minimal amounts of hair and dirt to it, which makes it super easy to clean. The silicone is incredibly firm, with almost no give.The Honi has no smell or taste. My only complaint about the PicoBong line is that the crease between the back and front allow for fluid to get trapped in between. In order to clean between the crease, I get a damp paper towel with isopropynol alcohol and wiped down the top of the battery canal, and ensured that I didn't get into the actual battery canal itself.

To clean the whole toy, you can sterilize the silicone part of the toy with ten percent bleach solution or clean the whole toy with soap/ toy cleaner and water. Do not boil or put in the dishwasher. You can wipe the plastic and the silicone with an isopropynol solution and be sure when using bleach, not to use it on the plastic.

Be sure to use only water based lubricants with your Honi.

How big and powerful is the Honi?The Honi, like the rest of the PicoBong line, is pretty small. Since it is only a bullet, it's not going to be massive in size. The actual dimensions of the Honi are as follows: length is 3 1/4 inches, circumference is 3 1/4 inches, diameter is 1 inch and it weighs 1 once. The Honi is incredibly travel friendly and inconspicuous.

It's not a powerhouse of strength, but it should suffice for those who have sensitive clits. It also works as a great teaser toy for those who require a little more strength. It has four patterns: pulsating, vibrating, roller coaster and escalating.

What I really liked about the toy is that it doesn't cause my fingers to go numb with use, which is a major plus. What I didn't really care for is the inconvenient placement of the control panel; the panel is hidden among the letters of the PicoBong logo within the toy. It requires a little bit of pressure, which may mean you have to stop play just to adjust settings. In order to change patters, click the + button for about 3 seconds. To turn off completely, click the - sign for 3 seconds.

It requires a AAA battery, which does not come with the toy.

Any other notes
The Honi has a small retrieval cord at the bottom, but I wouldn't rely on this alone if you decide to insert this anally. I'm not sure why it has it actually, since this wasn't designed on any of the other PicoBong toys.

One big plus about the PicoBong line is that their toys are exceptionally quiet. The Honi is no exception. If you use it under a thick comforter, it can't be heard through a door. Because of this, it's ideal for dorm living and parents who have children living at home.

It's also waterproof to up to a meter, so it's excellent to be used either in the shower or tub.

What did you think of it?
It was an OK toy to use, I enjoy using for teasing more than anything else. However, it just couldn't get me off. I don't mind that it was weaker, but I wish that Lelo sacrificed the pattern option so that the toy could have been made stronger so that it may allow for more to enjoy it.

The retrieval cord is a cute feature, but I couldn't find any use for it. I found that another reviewer performed kegel exercises with it and attempted to pull it out at the same time, so perhaps someone else may try that.

For the annoying clean up between the toy's battery crease and the fact that it can't be completely sterilized, I'll take away one star. I'll take another star away for its limited power options. So, all in all, the Honi deserves 3 Stars.

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