Friday, February 10, 2012

Oh Stop, Fifi, You're Making Me Gush!

Hooray! A new toy for you all today. Today's newest addition is the Je Joue Fifi, which I recently purchased from my favorite sex store, EdenFantasys. I was super happy that they were able to stock up on this recently, because I have been dying to try this little lady out!

The Fifi is an elegant, beautiful rabbit. She is totally suitable for couples and single people alike, and for those that need a quiet toy (Yes, I'm talking to you, parents of small and curious children, and dorm livers), I'm proud to say that Fifi wonderfully fits the bill.

Fifi is great for G-spot stimulation as well. I'm pleased to note that while I was using her, she was able to hit my g-spot AND my clit at the same time, which gave me an excellent amount of pleasure.

Because Fifi has a good retrieval system, she is totally suitable for both vaginal and anal use, and will delightfully tease you or your partner(s)' testes or clitoris, depending on his or hers' anatomy. What I absolutely love about Fifi is that her ears will be able to cradle most clitorises comfortably. Her ears aren't too long or too short, but just right. Anyone who has played with rabbits will know that this development is nothing short of a miracle because too many companies just fuck up the dimensions of their rabbits.

She has lots of options to pick from too! She is an excellent beginner's toy because she a variety of intensities and patterns to choose from. Her clit ears could be stronger, so she won't be able to sate most power queens if used in a traditional sense. However, the motor in the main body of the toy should be able to satisfy anyone, including yours truly, who usually needs to finish off with Hitachi, but didn't have to reach for it!

Fifi is a non-realistic rabbit vibrator, with non animal rabbit "ears." The insertable part of Fifi has no give whatsoever. The ears have a little bit of give, but you won't be able to bend them too much, because you possibly could break the ears off. So treat the ears with love and care. The head of the toy thins out and then flares back out and the ears are located the bottom of the toy. On Eden, she is available in a purple, pink, and lavender option.

Comparison (Ignore the pennies).
Fifi isn't that large, so I wouldn't recommend her for size queens. She is a total 8 inches, with an insertable length of 5 inches.At her widest, she has a total circumference of 4 1/2 inches. Each ear is about two inches long, and she weighs less than a pound. She's appropriate for travel, both via an airplane and a car. She's not too discreet, though.

She has a total of 3 motors; one is located at the top of the body, and the other two are located in each ear. They are not independently controlled, so when you change the power of the body, the power of ears also changes as well.
The ears would be equivalent to the third weakest intensity of the Mimi. They are slightly more buzzy than the rest of the toy. Her body is very rumbly, more so than Mimi.

Fifi... how I love thee and the material you're made of. She's made of Je Joue's luxury silicone, which has almost no drag whatsoever. If you feel that you need to use lube, you can use either oil based or water based lube. I would not recommend a silicone lube at all because you could damage the toy, but if you really need to use it, spot test the lube on the toy first. When I got Fifi, she has a mild smell and taste that went away after being washed.

Unfortunately, like most silicone toys, she attracts dirt and hair. I would recommend washing her off before and after every use. She can be cleaned with a toy cleaner or soap and warm water. To sterilize her, wash her with a ten percent bleach solution. Do not boil or stick Fifi in the dishwasher. If you're going to share her with non fluid bonded partner, be sure to use a condom with her to reduce the risk of spreading disease and infection.

For storage, it's okay to store Fifi with other pure silicone toys and non porous toys. Do not store her beside porous toys, such a jelly or PVC, because you'll damage your toys.

Fifi has the same buttons as her sister toys, the Uma and Mimi. I know there are some users of these toys that hate her buttons, but I didn't have an issue with them. They do require a little bit of pressure, but I never had to stop while using her to change her intensity or pattern. She has three buttons; on the left is the minus sign, which is used to turn her off or slow her down; there's a button in the middle to turn on or change her patterns; and the button on the right is a plus sign, which can be used to turn her on, or change her intensity. To turn the toy off or on, hold the + or - buttons down for three seconds.

She has five intensities and 6 patterns to choose from. Of course, she starts off relatively weak and then gradually becomes stronger. Her ears are weaker than the body of the toy, and they may not satisfy clits that need a lot of power. Instead, they will satisfy clitorises that require weak or moderate vibrations. However, with her body, she's probably slightly weaker than the Hitachi on its lowest level at her very strongest. She has traditional vibrating pattern, pulsating patterns and escalating patterns.

Fifi is a rechargeable toy; her instructions state that you charge her till she stops blinking. When she's fully charged, the red light that she emits will almost be angrily staring at you.

She's a great companion to take into the shower as well. She does not have a travel lock.

For her packaging, she came in a pink box with "Rabbit", "Je Joue," and a huge picture of the toy, all which was shrinkwrapped in plastic. So here, it lacks discreetness. After opening the box, you find another black box within the toy that is also shrink wrapped with plastic. The box's top is on the bottom, which has Je Joue written on the top. The box is open with the toy nestled in black plastic tray. The closed portion of the box can be opened, where you find a manual and a charger. The toy comes with a year warranty.

What did you think of Fifi?
I really like this new toy, but I don't use it how it's "supposed" to be used. I used her internally, and found that she hit my g-spot and clitoris perfectly. I found that rocking her while she inside me allowed her to massage my clit gently. However, I wasn't totally satisfied with the amount of power the ears were giving me, so I applied the body of the toy onto my clit and I had a wonderful, squirting orgasm.

For her body safe material, the amount of power in her body, her fantastic design, her many patterns and intensities, her unique shape and her lack of batteries, she earned 5 Stars.

For her relatively weak ears, I took a star off, which gave her 4 Stars.  I would highly recommend Fifi for most toy boxes. If you like Fifi, you can use my code TKR to get 15% off your entire order.

product picture
Rabbit vibrator by Je Joue
Material: Silicone

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