Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Complaint

The original purpose of my blog was to talk about sex toys. However, I felt that was too impersonal, so I included my many opinions and rants here as well.

I have a couple things to note- I quit my job and I got an STD test done today. I hated my job, so I'm happy about that. The STD test is also a good thing, but I feel that goes without saying.

Anyway, I was supposed to meet up with my friend's sugar daddy, but because he's been so busy at work, we had to reschedule. I forgot to tell my friend that, and she texted me today telling her fiance was tagging along with us. Mind you, the place we were traveling to is about 45 minutes away. What's funny is that he won't take ten minutes to have dinner with her, but he'll drive all the way to the wazoo so he can make sure "she's not up to anything bad."

Let me backtrack for a second. What happened with them is that she cheated on him a while back. He knew the whole time, and instead of confronting her about it, he would text the guy on her phone pretending to be her. And he made it seem like he knew nothing about it. When she was cheating, she didn't tell anyone. She told me one story, and him another. I had NO idea that she was cheating, so from the outside, it looked like a creepy stalker situation with the dude she was involved with.

Well, after a while, he told her he knew everything and he decided to stay with her. And for some reason, he thought I knew about it. And now, he's continually verbally abusive and sometimes, physically abusive towards her. He also finds an excuse to treat me like shit- and I don't tolerate it. Every friend, including that she has has told her to at least take a break from him. Instead, she decided to stay with him, which has allowed him to call her names, such as "shithead" and "little shit," he's told her that he's not attracted to her and that she sickens him, and when they do have sex, he refuses to help get her off. It's all about him, and then they're done.

He also has a problem with drinking and driving; however, if she's drinking at the house, he'll flip a shit and say that she's acting irresponsible and childish. I would NEVER let her drink and drive, or do anything stupid while she's drinking with me at home. And she never has done anything stupid while she's with our group of friends. The man lives by double standards.

So yeah, the guy is an absolute gem. I need to tie that into my story today. He always needs to know where she's at, so he'll tag along whenever she's going on a long trip. Not because he loves her company, but because he wants to make sure she's not getting in "trouble."

We were supposed to drive by ourselves, because I wanted to keep the SD as much on the DL as possible. If I told her fiance, he would have judged me stupid. I don't care what he thinks, because it's none of his damned business. So he then invited himself along, and she didn't know what to tell him. I just told her that he cancelled, so it's not a big deal. I then told her that she doesn't need to worry about taking me, because I don't need his two cents on the matter, and I can always find someone else.

I don't know what to do for her. She knows she's in a fucked up relationship, and yet, she continues to stay. I told her that she needs to get out, at least for a little bit, but she won't. I want to abandon her because the whole situation is frustrating, but I don't think I will. If something happens, I do want her to have someone to talk to, and not to be completely alone. But I don't. We'll see what the future shall hold.

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