Friday, January 20, 2012

Mimi, my Best Girlfriend

A new review for today! Today, I'll be reviewing the Mimi by Je Joue that I purchased from EdenFantasys.

What is it?
The Mimi is a small clitoral vibe; however, it can also be used on the scrotum, perineal zone, nipples or stimulating the outside of the anus. This is not really meant to be inserted vaginally (I guess you could, if you really wanted to, though) and definitely not meant to be used anally, because it lacks a flared base and a proper retrieval system.

Mimi is a fabulous toy for beginners and advanced players because she has a variety of modes and settings that are guaranteed to please almost everyone. Mimi is also ideal for those that require a discreet and quiet toy, such as parents and college students, because she resembles a small pebble and she can definitely not be heard through a thick comforter.

She is ideal for solo and couple sex, because especially during insertion of toys/ penises, she will not get in your way. I prefer to use her by herself, but you could easily insert a dildo while using Mimi for external stimulation.

Because she is also rechargeable, she is wonderful for those who seek a battery free toy.

What does Mimi look like?
Mimi, when bought through EdenFantasys, is available in purple, rose, black, and pink option. I chose purple because I have about a million pink toys. She is ovular shaped, with her motor being located near the narrower end of the toy.

Mimi looks like a little pebble- she could easily pass for a small massage stone, as long as others don't know what the company Je Joue is. She can easily fit into the palm of my little hand, which makes her ideal for travel. Simply slip her into your pocket or purse.

Her total length is 3 1/4 inches, with a total circumference of 5 inches. Her diameter and width are 2 inches. Mimi's small size makes her perfect for storing her almost anywhere; from the most tight fitting lingerie drawer to the glove compartment of your car.

How strong is Mimi?
Mimi is pretty much perfect here as well. Mimi is strong, little rumbly toy that doesn't cause my fingers to become numb during use unless I use her strongest setting or patterns. What I absolutely love about her is that my fingers don't get "itchy" before I get off, which is a major plus in my book. I usually opted for insertable toys over bullets and eggs because of that major complaint.

Mimi has five vibration patterns and settings. For her traditional vibration setting, she starts off relatively weak and then gradually becomes stronger. Her last mode is almost comparable to the weakest mode of the Hitachi.

In order to turn on her patterns, go to the last setting, and press the + button for about three seconds.
The patterns goes as follows:
Pattern 1: A choppy pulse mode - - -
Pattern 2:  Choppy Faster Pulse ---
Pattern 3: Rollercoaster
Pattern 4: Typical pulse
Pattern 5: Quickened pulse

To turn Mimi on, she has a plus and a minus sign on her top. (This is the same place that you align her charger). To turn on, press down on the plus sign for 3 seconds. To change the setting, click on the + again; to change the pattern, click the + for 3 seconds. To turn off, hit the - sign for 3 seconds. When you turn her back on, she will start off with the weakest setting.

I know some other users had complaints with her buttons, but I wasn't personally bothered by them. I think it's simply because I have had so many other toys with ridiculous buttons that they caused almost no issue for me. Yes, they require pressure, but I could easily apply it with the hand that I'm masturbating with.

She's not really a pin point vibration toy; instead, her vibrations are disbursed throughout the toy. She's also waterproof, so she's perfect for both bath and shower play.

What is Mimi made of and how do you clean her?
She's made of a fabulous silicone; I found that she attracts minimal hair and dirt even when I leave her out in the open. Her silicone is food grade, hypoallergenic, latex free, non porous and phthalates free. She's slightly plushy, but the overall toy has almost no give.

To clean Mimi, you'll want to either wash her with toy cleaner or warm water and soap. To sterilize her, you'll want to wash her with a 10% bleach solution. Because she has a motor, you can ruin her if you boil her or wash her in the dishwasher (so don't do that!). She can be stored by herself, or with other pure silicone toys or non porous toys. Do not store her next to mixed silicone toys, jelly toys, PVC toys, or anything that is porous.

What's Mimi's packaging like?
Usually, I won't bother to mention packaging for a toy, but I was so impressed with hers that I must make note of it. It's gorgeous, simplistic and incredibly classy. She came in a thin cardboard sleeve, which protected her real box. The sleeve is purple and had Je  Joue written on every side of the box. On the sides and back panel, there was a picture of a non detailed Mimi.

Her box was a simple black box, with Je Joue written on the top, that opened at the top and was closed with a black bow. This satisfied my inner girly girl immensely. When I opened the box, Mimi was nicely presented in small black tray. Underneath the tray, there were instructions and her charger.

What do you think of Mimi?
Mimi, along with my Hitachi, are my absolute go to toys now. She's small, she's made of a fabulous silicone, she can be sterilized, she's simple to use, she's discreet, and satisfies my ever stubborn clit.

Every time that I've used little Mimi, I'm able to orgasm and squirt within two to five minutes. With other toys, I have no issue with reaching orgasm in that time frame but I found that it will take me up to twenty minutes to squirt. With Mimi, I don't have to tease myself excessively and I don't get bored before I have a meaningful orgasm.

For all these wonderful traits, I'm going to give Mimi 5 Stars. If you like the idea of Mimi still, use my code TKR to get 15% off your order.

product picture
Discreet massager by Je Joue
Material: Silicone

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