Friday, February 17, 2012

The Daily List: Special Sleep Deprived Edition

Everyone seems to have a special list of toys that he/she/ it/ etc. likes to use, so I've decided to join the bandwagon and make my own super special list.

Since I've gone through a fair amount of good (and shitty) toys, I think my opinion is valid in some way, shape, or form. For these toys to make the list, they must be able to get me off, be easy to clean, must be easy on the eye- actually, I lied; only one toy's shape and size really bug me- they must not horribly phallic, and must be of high quality and last for damned near forever.

1. The Hitachi Wand- yes, this is the bulky, ugly exception I was talking about. However, its head is broad enough that it covers most of my clit. See, my deal is that I absolutely need broad stimulation. Some women really thrive off pinpointed stimulation, but my clit doesn't respond to that very well. So the Hitachi makes its entrance.

It's also incredibly powerful, and can get me off in like 2 minutes tops. You know, that's kind of a plus or whatever.

2. Je Joue Mimi- My beautiful little pebble that has buttons that infuriates everyone. Seriously, I've seen other reviewers rant about its buttons. But for some weird reason, the buttons don't bug me. Which is odd, because I'm usually irritated by everything.

Anyway, it's my go to toy when I need to prep myself for my Hitachi. And hell, some days, I don't even need it. It's also quiet enough so that my neighbors aren't thinking, "OMG, is that weird neighbor girl masturbating, again????"

3. Tantus Cush- Ah yes, Cush. I still haven't conquered you yet, but I still love you. I remember the day I got you, and my friends all gave you a funny look. I think they were scared of your monstrous size... I'm not sure why I love this so much, but I do.

But oh yeah, it's really big and it hits my g-spot perfectly. Which is nice because a g-spot should be tended to on a fairly regular basis. Plus it also doesn't vibrate; I have too many vibrators and it's cool to have something that can't be turned on by accident.

4. Je Joue Fifi- I kind of like this toy because I can hit my g- spot and clit at the same time. Considering that this rabbit actually works for my anatomy is absolutely awesome. And if I don't want to use it on my g-spot anymore, I can pull it out and use the body for some good broad stimulation.

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