Friday, February 3, 2012

My Impossible New Lover

Another review for my awesome, sex positive readers. This review is for the O2 Cush by Tantus that I purchased recently from Eden. Tantus is a high quality sex toy maker that focuses on making toys as strap ons that are friendly towards pegging couples.  This is my first toy from Tantus, so I was really excited to get  it.

The O2 Cush is a semi realistic dildo that is great for solo play or couple play. It's compatible for harnesses so it's fabulous for pegging, lesbian and trans couples. I wouldn't recommend this for packing because the user would be sporting a massive hard on. However, if that's what you're into, knock yourself out. Because it has a flared base, the Cush is great for vaginal and anal play.

It's a larger toy, so it's not really meant to be used as an introductory toy for newbies. Like, at all. If you're into length and girth, the O2 Cush makes for a necessity in the toy box.

If you're turned off by hyper realistic toys, but still like a phallic shape, the Cush will fulfill your wants and desires. On Eden, it comes in purple, blue, and pink. I obviously purchased the pink. The head of the toy doesn't look circumcised or uncircumcised; it just has a large bump that is supposed to be the head. A couple inches lower on the toy, it has another fold of "skin" that adds to the texture of the toy. I've never seen that kind of fold on a penis before. The two bumps may irritate some pubic bones or anuses, so if you're sensitive to texture, bear that in mind.

The coloring of the Cush is also something worth noting. On every color scheme, the top of the head is whitish color, which than gradually deepens into another color (either purple, blue or pink). The base of the toy is two toned, with a deeper shade of the toy's color. The folds of the toy are accented with darker shades of pink.

When I was reading reviews for the Cush, I found that a lot of reviewers said it felt incredibly realistic. When I got it, I found that it didn't feel like a penis at all. I mean, it had a solid core that didn't allow it much give, but the surface was very tacky. It almost felt like TPR or TPE, and like those materials, it attracted dirt and hair the moment it was allowed out of the box. However, after a flame test, I found that it was pure silicone. It has some drag to it, so be sure to only use water based lubes with it.

The Cush can be cleaned a variety of ways. If you get really lazy, you can wipe it down with a toy cleaner or soap and warm water. If you wish to sterilize it, you have a variety of options. You can either stick it in the dishwasher, boil it, or wipe it down with a ten percent bleach solution. When changing holes or non fluid bonded partners, be sure to either clean it or use a condom with it.

It can be stored side by side with other nonporous toys, including other pure silicone toys. However, protect this toy from porous toys, including but not limited to, jelly, PVC, rubber, and other silicone hybrid toys, or you will destroy your toys.

It has some give, but you won't be able to bend the toy in half. It's more flexible than a penis, but not as flexible as a regular jelly toy. The silicone that the toy is made of is food grade, hypoallergenic, nonporous, latex and phthalates free. Basically, it's made by Tantus so you know you're getting a high quality and body safe toy. It had no smell or taste when I received it.

The Cush is not meant for the faint of heart of or those that don't like large sized dildos. The whole toy is whopping 7 inches long, with an insertable length of 6 3/4. For some reason, I stopped here when I bought this and thought, "I've taken bigger penises before, this won't be a problem." LOL yeah, right. Anyway, back to specs. It has a circumference of 5 1/2 inches and a diameter of 1 3/4 inches. It weighs a total of 10 oz. So to politely put it, this thing is huge. I couldn't fit it into the O-ring of my Minx harness, it was that big. If you use it in a harness, be sure that you have an O-ring that will fit it.

I liked the packaging of the Cush; it was simple and it performed its basic duty- transport my toy from Eden's factory warehouse to my house. It came in a clear plastic box that boldly displayed the O2 Cush in all its glory. The box listed the name of the toy and many other selling points of Tantus. The toy was cradled in a plastic insert. I wouldn't say its meant for long term use, and since I store my toys together, I trashed the box.

~Final Thoughts~
I'm madly in love with it, which is weird because I'm usually not in love with inanimate objects. The Hitachi of course, has first place, but the Cush... it's just so gorgeous, so it valiantly takes second place. My only problem? I can't take the whole thing internally. However, I refuse to love the toy any less. It's beautiful, well made, hits my G- spot PERFECTLY and makes for a fun companion when I need the company. I will not give it anything fewer than 5 Stars.

One day, Cush, I will conquer you and we shall be lovers forever and ever. One day.

If you still like the Cush, be sure to use my code TKR to get 15% off your entire order. Have a happy night!

product picture
$64.99O2 Cush
Realistic dildo by Tantus
Material: Silicone

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