Friday, February 3, 2012

Fresh Review

More sex toy reviews! Yay! Today's new review is on the Fresh by Leaf that I purchased from EdenFantasys. I've been focusing on collecting more clit toys because though I don't mind insertables, I found that I prefer clitoral orgasms. But I'm sure that's not very useful to you.

The Fresh is made by luxury toy manufacturer Leaf, which has some special relation to American luxury toy maker, Jopen. Eden recently released the Vitality, their rabbit vibe; the Spirit, Fresh, Touch, and Life, which are all clitoral vibes; and the Bloom, which can be used internally or externally.

The Fresh, which as I noted is a clit vibe, can also be used to stimulate other areas, such as the nipples, the taint, testes, and other erogenous zones. It could be used vaginally, but do NOT use anally. The toy lacks a proper retrieval method, which could cause an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

This kind of toy is meant for those who are newer to toys and desire a wireless and battery free option. It's also a smaller toy, so it's ideal for traveling, and since it looks like a heart, it is incredibly discreet. You could probably pass it off as a small massager, if you're dealing with someone who knows nothing about adult vibrators.

The Fresh is also surprisingly simple; it has one button to turn the toy off and on, and to change the intensity. Because of that, it's super beginner friendly, and great for those that love high quality toys without the high quality techie crap, such as myself. It's pretty awesome.

I'll be honest, I'm a silicone queen. I own like 20 toys, which compared to others isn't a lot, but it works for me. Anyway, out of those toys, maybe two are plastic and the rest are pure silicone. So of course, my newest addition is made of silicone. The Fresh's material is food grade, hypoallergenic, phthalate free, latex free and nonporous. It's super easy to clean; either use toy cleaner or soap and water; to sterilize it, use a 10% bleach solution. Do not boil it or wash it in the dishwasher because it has a freakin' motor and you'll break it. Make sure NOT to wipe it down with alcohol of any sorts, as well.

This thing is a freakin' lint magnet. I would highly recommend washing it with some soap and water before and after every use because of this. It comes with a storage bag, so I recommend storing it in it if you take it anywhere. Do not store it with other jelly, rubber, PVC, or silicone hybrid toys, because you'll damage your toys. It can be stored with plastic, ceramic, and other pure silicone and nonporous toys.

There are also little warnings on the top of the toy; however, they are so lightly impressed on the toy that I can barely feel them with my fingers, let alone my clit. I posted the picture of the signs next to this, but I doubt they can be seen.

The Fresh is heart shaped, as I mentioned beforehand. It's also incredibly small; it easily fits into the palm of my little hand.  It has a concave curve in the center, which would allow someone to "cradle" the clit or possibly the testes. The point of the heart allows for pinpoint stimulation, for those that like that. Within the curve of the two bumps of the heart, there is a small hole that allows you to charge your toy. The button is off the side and is right about the "Leaf" logo.

The exact measurements of the toy are as followed: It is about three inches long and two and a quarter inches wide and it weighs less than a pound. It's comparable to the size of Je Joue's Mimi. Because of its small size, its travel friendly both via car and the airport.

I found that a lot of reviewers have compared the Fresh to Mimi, and I found that both are incredibly alike, which is wonderful. The Fresh is slightly weaker than the Mimi, but it's not that noticeable. It does not have all the fancy power options that Mimi has, but to me, that really didn't matter. I only used the regular vibration patterns anyway. If you do like super fancy patterns, then you may want to find another toy.

What I really liked about Fresh over the Mimi is that the button isn't such a pain in the ass to press. It doesn't require the same force as Mimi, which is great when I'm about to reach that big O and I don't have to pause for ten seconds, just to change the speed.

The box is too damned big.
I liked almost everything about the toy, but the one thing that really perturbed me was the packaging. It was incredibly excessive and not what I called green at all. First of all, the whole toy box was shrinkwrapped in a plastic shell. After removing the box, there was the large brown cardboard box that needed to be opened. It's a nice box, but it's way too big to be honest. It had "Leaf" stamped all over the box. The box closes via a magnet on the side. For some reason, I couldn't figure that out until about five minutes of tinkering with the damned thing. After opening the box, there was the toy that was shrink wrapped in plastic, and the instructions that were in a small cardboard folder. Really?? Who puts instructions in a folder? It also came with the charger and a little storage bag.

I thought that though this company may claim to be green, they're not very good with preserving materials. A company needs to do better than excessive BROWN cardboard boxes and plastic wrap to be green in my book. I would have rather they used something like the Mimi's packaging; pretty, but seemingly minimal. Not green per se, but it wouldn't be a big space and materials waster.

What did you think of the Fresh?
Don't get me wrong, I love this toy. I just don't think it's worth $130. Luckily, I was able to supplement my purchase with gift cards.

I really liked the shape and design of the toy; with the curve, I was able to perfectly cradle my clit. It was nice for the most part, but the point of the heart was uncomfortably poking me. It should be fine if you like pinpoint vibrations, but I personally don't. When I turned the toy on its back, I was able to finally get off without an issue.

My issues with the Fresh: the point of the heart was a pain, it's a dirt and lint magnet, the packaging was NOT green and the price was way more than it should be.

What I liked about it: it's super simple, it doesn't come with a bunch of fancy patterns, it's small, it comes with a cute pouch and in the right position, it makes my clit very happy.

Overall, I would give this 3.5 Stars, but I'll bump it up to 4 Stars. If you still like the Fresh by Leaf, use my code to get 15% off your next order. Until next time, bye!

product picture
Discreet massager by Leaf
Material: Silicone

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