Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wet! Lube

Another review for EdenFantasys, the shop I trust! Today, I'll be reviewing Wet Safe Sex Sensual Kit, created by Wet Lubricants. I got this as a free sample awhile back, so I've been a little late with the review.

The Safe Sex Kit contains a sample size of lube, which is 0.1 oz/ 3 mL, and one Premium male latex condom. Those with latex allergies should not use the condom.

The lube, called Synergy, is a silicone/ water based hybrid lube, which makes it thicker and longer lasting than most water based lubes. Its gel- to- liquid formula makes it ideal for not only hand jobs and PIV sex, but because it's thicker, it's also great for anal play as well. It is much thicker than water based lube, but not as thick as an oil based massage oil.  The nice thing about a hybird lube is that it has the same thickness of a regular silicone based lube, but also retains the same properties; when it dries out, it can be "resurrected" with a a few drops of water. This is incredibly nice because you don't have to waste another application of lube when you or your partner dries out.

It's a gel, so when it is applied, it's staying put. It does NOT feel like the real thing, though. It's thick, and it has a very sweet, chemical, almost unpleasant odor. It's not meant for those who have sensitive olfactory senses. I personally don't have a sensitive nose, and I could smell it about ten minutes after I applied it. It drove me slightly mad. But because it contains silicone, that allows the lube to be used in water situations, such as the shower or tub!

However, because this lube contains glycerin, it is not meant for women who   have sensitive genitals or for those that suffer frequent yeast infections or UTIs. The ingredients read like this: Glycerin, Deionized water,dimenthicoonol, Sodium, Polyacrylate, Demethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Trideceth-6, PEG/PPG, and Pentylene Glycol. It is compatible with condoms.

This is great for partner sex and solo sex, but do not use on silicone or silicone mixed toys! They will be ruined because the two don't mix at all. To wash the lube off, make sure to wash with soap and water. It's necessary that you clean up as soon as you can, because the human body does not absorb silicone. 

The condom is your standard latex condom; it's prelubed and comes with an expiration date. I didn't try this with a partner because I wasn't sure of its quality, but it works just as well as other popular brands, such as Durex. It smells slightly like latex.It has a tipped 
reservoir, which is great, because it gives it a place for cum to go when your partner ejaculates. If you run out of moisture during sex, apply more lube to avoid breakage.

It should be able to fit a variety of sizes, starting from the average width and size, to slightly longer and wider than average penises, (up to seven inches and an inch and a half diameter). If you or your partner's penis doesn't fit these measurements, then it would be best to find a different condom.

The packaging for both products was minimal and nice. The sample packet and condom came inside a small black and purple folder, which had Wet Safe Sex Kit written in large letters on the front and the back. On the back, it says what the kit contains. On the inside, Wet tells you about how to engage in safer sex and how to avoid infections.

The lube came in sample packet, that requires the user to tear off the top. The packet is pink and black and has "Wet Synergy Basic" written on the front. On the back, it gives the user a product description and an ingredient list.

The condom comes in a standard condom package, which has "Premium" written on the front against a black dotted background.

What did you think?
I actually have another water based lube that I'm incredibly happy with already, so I didn't really find the need for a silicone hybrid lube. I didn't like its smell, but I'm glad that I have an alternative in case I decide to experiment with anal sex.

The condom was a super nice gift, as well, and I'm quite pleased to note that it would fit a wide range of penis sizes. Its incredibly durable and since it has such a nice cum 
reservoir, I don't really have to worry about spillage.

I would definitely get this again if Eden decides to feature this as a free gift. I probably wouldn't buy the lube by itself, but since I'm such a condom Nazi, I would love to use it again on a real penis next time. 

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product picture
Sensual kit by Wet International
Material: Silicone / Latex

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