Thursday, December 22, 2011


I feel like I'm on a reviewing spree lately. It's pretty awesome. Anyway, for one of our reviews today, I'll be discussing EdenFantasys Tote Bag that is available from Eden.

The Eden Tote is available, at least currently as a free gift from the website. It's ideal for giving away to a friend,  holding your diapers/ towels/ whatever else you desire to carry in it, or advertising your favorite sex shop. It's quite durable and can handle a decent amount of manhandling.

The front of the bag reads "edenfantasys", "sexy & smart" and "facebook/twitter@edenfantasys." The last part shows that obviously can be found on both Facebook and Twitter, and offers the Twitter link. The back of the bag has 18 Eden logos, in alternating colors of green and pink. Beneath the logos reads "" The background of the whole bag is black.The bag is an excellent marketing tool for both Eden and yourself, especially if you're an affiliate. (If anyone asks questions, make sure you hand them your code!!!).

If you don't like the way the bag looks, you can turn it inside out so that the white shows. However, the writing and all the logos show up as well, so it's not entirely discreet.

The outside of the bag is made of almost vinyl material- it is waterproof. The inside has a white meshy inside. Again, this should be waterproof as well. The dimensions of the bag are as follows: 15 inches x 15 1/2 inches x 4 1/2 inches.

The bag is too small to be used as a suitcase, but I think it's suitable for shopping for groceries or alcohol. The bag can be used over, so you don't have to worry about contributing to wasting and harming the environment.

product picture
Storage container by EdenFantasys
Material: Nonwoven fabric

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