Wednesday, December 21, 2011

LifeStyles Skyn

Today's new review is on LifeStyles Skyn condoms for EdenFantasys.

Condoms, when used properly, can ensure safer sex and pregnancy prevention. These condoms are clear and latex free, which makes ideal to be used with those who suffer from latex allergies. The condom is made from a material called polyisoprene, which is incredibly stretchy, but not at all natural feeling. Since this is a male condom, this is also ideal for heterosexual couple, male homosexual couples, and those who like to use their toys with condoms for easy clean up.

The measurements of the condom goes as follows:
Length of 7.48 inches
Width of 2.08 inches
Thickness of 0.0027, which does not make it a thinner condom.

These are can accommodate the slightly longer than gentleman (or toy). It can accommodate girthier men, however. It's pre-lubricated with water based lube, both inside and out, and it's incredibly slippery and almost greasy. However, the lube doesn't last for a super long time, so if you're partner is unable to lube themselves, it would be a good idea to have a bottle of water or silicone based lube handy. Avoid oil based lubes as they can degrade the condom.

The lube is not naturally shaped; instead, it's the typical tubular shape with a tapered head. It is smooth and has no texture, but it is incredibly slippery with lube. I found that it's slippery enough to give a quick hand job to the recipient. I was a bit put off by the feel but I didn't think too much about it. The condom does have a scent though. It smell almost sweet and sickly. I'm not sure how else to describe it but it is mildly strong for those that have sensitive olfactory senses.

Now, I did not know this, but for those that use the NuvaRing, be sure to take it out before use because it can cause condoms to break, especially if you are worried about STD prevention. Also, when switching from anal to vaginal, be sure to change condoms to avoid infection.

What did you think of them?
I personally don't care for the feel of the condoms, because it was a little too greasy for me. However, the nice thing about them is that the lube, which gave it its terrible feel, quickly slipped off, the condom didn't feel too bad during use. However, that may not be a positive for those who need lubrication during sex.

For the smell and the feel, I will take a star off for each, but since it is latex free and can accommodate longer men, I will give it 4 Stars.

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product picture
Male condom by Ansell
Material: Polyisoprene

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