Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kimono condoms

New review for EdenFantasys! I've been nicknamed the condom queen by all my friends because I tend to have at least 12+ condoms on me at almost any given time. I'd much rather have too much protection than not enough, personally.

Anyway, so I feel like I know American condoms quite well. Well, this time, I bought a new brand of condom from Meyer Laboratories and it's called the Kimono Microthin Large male condom.

Condoms, as your sixth grade sex ed class should have taught you, can significantly reduce the transmission of STIs/STDs and reduce the rate of pregnancy. Using condoms as your only form of pregnancy will give you about 85% protection rate. As with all forms of STD/ STI prevention, it can only reduce your chances of getting a disease, not completely prevent it.

They are thinner than Trojan condoms, which is wonderful. I usually can't tell the difference between condoms but when I used these with my partner, I found that it as significantly noticeable from thicker condoms, such as the aforementioned Trojans.

They are prelubricated, but in order to prevent the breakage of the condom, it is also a good idea to apply silicone or water based lube.

Do not use oil based lubes with the condoms because they will degrade and cause the condom and will become ineffective. If the condom is dry or discolored, do not use. Avoid leaving these out in direct sunlight and heat. Make sure you change condoms after one use and when switching from vaginal to anal to avoid infections.

These are meant to be used for hetero couples and gay male couples. This is also wonderful for those who are need protection when using toys that may be porous or who just want to keep clean up to a bare minimum. This is not good for those who suffer from latex allergies.

These are meant for the larger than average in width and slightly longer in length. My partner had about a 6 inch penis with about 2 in diameter and these fit him like a glove. This is will not work for those who are longer than this it length, but it should have no issue with fitting men that have are a few centimeters larger than my partner.

The thickness of the condom is as about .047 millimeters in thickness, compared to Trojan's thinnest condom, which is 0.053 millimeters.

What do you think of the condom?
I'm not a fan of thick condoms because they create too much friction; I found that these were perfect because they were thin and both my partner and I were able to thoroughly enjoy a more personal sensation. It obviously didn't feel the same as going without, but it did offer the next best sensation. I am definitively recommending these to all who are on the larger side of average.

I wouldn't recommend these to those who are much larger, and I feel that the title is misleading. Because they are well made and should work for couples and those who are looking for a moderately larger condom, I will give this 5 Stars. However, since they are supposed to fit larger sizes but don't, I'm taking a a star off and giving the product 4 Stars.

Though these are on the more expensive side, about $20 for 12, it's still a worthwhile investment. If you want to get 15% off this and the rest of your order, use my code TKR.

product picture
Male condom by Mayer Laboratories
Material: Latex

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