Thursday, November 10, 2011

Officer Sexy

Two out three reviews completed thus far! This review is on Bad Cop by Leg Avenue. I bought this little number at the shop I trust.

I love, love, love Halloween parties and dressing up in general. I decided to spoil myself this year and got Bad Cop in an XS. Since I'm smaller, it's always a tragic struggle to find clothes that fit everywhere, without making me look like a miniature blimp. However, I find that I usually have the best luck with Leg Avenue.

For this review, it's important to take note that I have a 31" bust, 26" waist, 33" hip and a total of 5' in height. I can fit 34 A/ 32B bra sizes and into XS clothing sizes, or 00-1 American clothing sizes. I purchased the XS Bad Cop. It is also available in XL and ML.
The Bad Cop comes with a black dress made of polyester that reads "Officer Naughty" on the right breast and has a V cut across the chest, to better display cleavage; the dress also has a zipper across the top half of the uniform. It also comes with a hat that features a small, silver badge in the center; a tie (which is made of PVC, I believe); and a waist cincher (also made with PVC) that features little silver, plastic/ metal-ish buckles. 

The dress came about 8 inches down from my waist, which barely covered my butt. I don't have much of a cleavage already, but it displayed the little cleavage that I had. However, I didn't feel the need to put a cami or anything underneath. The dress sleeves cover about 3- 4 inches of arm. My back was well covered as well. So, the costume is short enough that it makes you feel sexy, but covers enough that most women (or whatever your gender may be) would be comfortable wearing this in a costume like setting. This part of the costume can be washed and dried in the machine. 

The tie was a cute accent, but it was cheaply made. To put it together, there is a little piece of velcro that connects the two sides into one. I have a ten inch neck, but it should fit neck sizes up to 15 inches. I would wipe down the tie if it got dirty and then air dry it. 

The waist cincher has 3 little "belts," but you must step into the waist cincher so you can get into it. It can fit waist sizes as small as 22 inches, when all belts are tightened at their smallest loop and up to 30 inches.  The back of the waist cincher allows it to be stretched, and it seems to be made of a spandex blend. If this got dirty, I would wipe it down with a moist cloth and allow it to air dry.

The hat was a little large for me, and I had a hard time keeping it on my head. I have a 21 1/2 inch head, and it seems to be most comfortable for those with 24 " head. Anyone with a head larger than 26" is going to be uncomfortable. It would be best to wash this by hand and allow it air dry.

I really liked this costume; other than hat, everything fit me perfectly. The dress gave me the opportunity to show off my legs, which I really loved. The waist cincher added a slight dominatrix affect, which was kind of kinky and just super sexy. I would buy this again if given the opportunity.

If you still like this costume, you can use my code TKR to get 15% off your order. 

product picture
Costume by Leg Avenue
Material: Polyester

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