Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Take Pleasure in Being Tied Up

I've been looking for a good alternative to hand cuffs, but with the same amount of restraint. I searched Eden and I found a fun, pretty alternative- Pipedream's Pleasure Tape.

How do you use it?
Pleasure Tape is meant to be used as a restraining device, or could be used to make a PVC costume. It's pretty much suitable for all users; it can be manipulated to work for beginner BDSMers and should be durable for heavy play.

However, it's best to keep this away from your mouth and genitals because PVC has certain chemicals that should not come in contact with the more delicate parts of the body. The nice thing about the tape is that it only sticks to itself, so no pain will occur when you need to remove it from arm, back, or leg hair.
What is the Pleasure Tape made of and how big is it?
The tape is made of PVC, which is not the safest material in the world, BUT as long as you keep it away from the mouth and genitals, it should be ok. The nice thing about PVC is that it's water resistant, which means it's awesome for the shower. It's also compatible with water and silicone lube. If you take awesome care of this, it can be used for a second or third time.

The tape is about .5 pounds. It's about a quarter of the size of a package of regular duct tape.  

The tape has a vinyl taste and a very light plastic smell; you shouldn't be able to smell it unless you have right under your nose.

How do you clean the Pleasure tape?
Personally, I'll be throwing this out after I use it, but if you feel the need to recycle, all that must be done is to wash the tape with toy cleaner or soap and warm water. PVC cannot be sterilized. 

How is the Pleasure tape packaged?
The tape comes in plastic clamshell styled case with a picture of a seductive woman on the front. It's not too discreet and may not be the appropriate box for gift giving unless it's for someone that's open to that. Once opened, the case really can't be used again, so it's necessary to find a home for it when the tape arrives. It's fucking tape, so it's pretty easy to leave it lying around without fear of someone figuring out what it is.

What did you think of the tape?
I personally love it because it's pink (!!!) and it doesn't cut into my wrists like my handcuffs do. It's also pretty durable for when I need a little more punishment, and it can take the beating.  It'll probably be my go to restrainer for my BDSM adventures. It's also nearly impossible to get out of, which is of course, a major plus.

product picture
Restraints by Pipedream
Material: PVC

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