Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pinwheel... Without the Pain!

Lately, I've been interested in BDSM but I've been a little chicken into actually trying anything out. Then I decided that was stupid and found some cool new toys that I think are good introductory items. One item I purchased was Pipedream's Fetish Fantasy Series Wartenberg Pinwheel that I picked up from the shop I trust.

How do you use it?
The pinwheel is meant for light sensation play on the exterior of the body; I found that when I used it on my inner arms, inner thighs and neck, I experienced a light, pleasuring painful sensation. This is probably best used by beginners who are looking for a nice pinwheel but without needles or pain that can be associated with it. It's also nice for BDSM'ers who are looking for a nice warm up toy. There is also a little eye mask that is included, but to be honest, I think this would work better as a sleeping mask because it doesn't seem made to take a lot of abuse; however, if you are into light play, then it should work for a couple months.

I really liked that the pinwheel's points were pretty blunt, so even if you apply a lot of pressure on it, it won't draw blood.

How big is the Pinwheel and what is it made of?
The Pinwheel is a little guy, which is awesome for those who travel a lot or those who want to take him on the go. I'm not sure if he's allowed by airports so I can't give a definite answer about that. The Pinwheel is 6 inches in length and weighs about eight ounces. The mask is 7 1/2 inches across and three inches high, but it could easily folded up.

The Pinwheel's handle is made of plastic and the actual Pinwheel part is made of steel. It has no smell; the plastic part tastes like plastic and the steel part tastes like steel. The pinwheel squeaks a little bit when moved, but it can be quieted by adding a little bit of silicone lube to it

How do you clean the Pinwheel?
Since the Pinwheel has plastic parts, do not boil it or stick in the dishwasher. What you can do is wipe the metal part down with a 10% bleach solution, but be sure to leave it only for two to three minutes because the bleach could damage your toy.

To clean the mask, it would be best to hand wash it and air dry. It's not durable enough to last in the wash or dry in the machine.

How is the Pinwheel packaged?
The Pinwheel comes in a box that kind of reminds me of how Vagisil is packaged. It's a small plastic-y box that has the Pinwheel placed on the front, with "Tickle, Tease, and Please!" written above it. So not the most discreet thing ever. It also has "Pipedream" and "Wartenberg Wheel" on the front.

The back tells you about the origins of the Wheel and what it comes with. Apparently it was supposed to come with restraints but I never found them and I didn't see anyone else on Eden having them either (glitch?). There are no instructions provided. The box won't last for a long time so it's best to have a home set aside for your Pinwheel when you receive it.

So what did you think of the Pinwheel?
I thought it was a fun teaser toy and I definitely will be putting it to use. I do wish that I bought the more intense version of it, but for the price, I think it will be a fun experience. I really appreciate the light pain that it brings. The only thing I wish that could be improved is the mask; it's quite cheap and to be honest, not great for the rough sex I enjoy.

If you still like the sounds of the Pinwheel, you can use my affiliate code TKR to get 15% off your order.

product picture
BDSM kit by Pipedream
Material: Stainless steel / Plastic

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