Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Royal Bags

Do you have lots sex toys but not enough personal storage options for them? Allow me to introduce you to the Eden Toy Pouch made by the shop I trust.

How big is the Pouch and what can I put in it?
The pouch has a total length of 10 1/2 inches and a width of 4 3/4 inches. It weighs about 0.2 onces. Its size makes it ideal for travelling; both in the car and on a plane. Easily, you can comfortably house one to two regular sized toys. I can fit both my SinFive Akmeo, its batteries and a plastic bullet and still have space for another slim vibrator or dildo.

If you still do not have idea of how big it is, the bag is slightly bigger than my extremely used powder blush and about the same width as the Fun Factory Pleasure Can.

Please remember, do not store silicone or silicone mixed products together because it could ruin the toys.

I personally have a lot of silicone toys and wish to organize them in a fashionable manner. However, because it is extremely padded on the inside, it is ideal for glass, metal and ceramic toys that have tendencies of chipping and breaking.

What does the Toy Pouch look like? 
The exterior of the pouch is kind of velvety (it comes in both black and purple), with EdenFantasys logo written on with sequins. I don't think the sequins would come off unless you washed it in the washer or really abused the bag. The top is held together by a black drawstring. The interior is a hot pink color in both colored bags. It's very discreet and does not scream sex toy container at all.

How do I clean the Toy Pouch?
It would be an excellent idea to keep this clean as possible, but of course, accidents happen. Be sure to wash it by hand with a little bit of detergent and leave it out to air dry. I fear that if you do wash it by machine, the pretty sequins would fall off.

How does the Pouch come packaged?
Eden sends the pouch in a small plastic bag and that's pretty much it. It can be hidden in your lingerie drawer or toy box, however. Be sure you have a home set aside for it when it arrives.

What did you think of the Pouch?
I love it! I've been needing some discreet way to hide all my vibrators and this has definitely fit the bill. It's design makes it super friendly for travel and I know all my toys will be nice and safe in the pouches. My only complaint is that the pouches are more for the feminine toy user, but if you can get over the hot pink color, I think you will grow to fall in love with them.

It is also great for my fragile toys; if I drop one my glass toys in the bags, I wouldn't be as concerned if I dropped it without the bag. I can store my glass toys and silicone toys together without fear of my toys being damaged.

If you still like the idea of the Eden Toy Pouch, use my affiliate code TKR to get 15% off your whole purchase.

product picture
Storage container by EdenFantasys
Material: Cotton / Polyester

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