Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Can You Wipe Me Down?

Have you ever had a particularly messy session but too lazy to get out of bed? Or have you had some play time with toys and felt too exhausted to wipe them down? Allow me to introduce you to Eden Toy and Body Wipes.

How do I use them?
The Eden Wipes can be used to clean off all your toys after you've played with them. They don't sterilize them however, so don't expect the Wipes to do that. Instead, they'll perform the job in place of soap or toy cleaner and water.

They can also be used to clean up messes left on your body after a particular dirty session of sex; you clean up sweat, semen, female ejaculation, and blood (hey, we all got our kinks right?). Since they are alcohol free, they can be used on the most sensitive of skins. Be sure to only use this externally.

What are the Wipes made of and do they smell?
Eden Wipes contain Water, Chlorhexidine, Glycerin, Aloe Extract, Vitamin E, and Tea Tree Oil. Glycerin has been known to cause yeast infections, so women, be sure to not use this internally. This is great for those with sensitive skin, though.

It smells like tree oil right out of the package and will leave a very slight smell on toys and on the skin. It is light enough that it shouldn't bother the most sensitive of noses. If you don't care for it though, you can always wash it off with soap and water.

How are the Wipes packaged and is it travel friendly?
The wipes are about twice the length and about the same height of a eyeshadow container. The wipes are packaged in a plastic container with written at the top with The Sex Shop You Can Trust written underneath. It's not totally discreet, so take care not to leave these carelessly about if you don't want to be discovered. On the back, the package tells the ingredients and the benefits of being an Eden's member (so join!).

To remove the wipes, simply peel back the plastic cover and pull like you would with baby wipes. To preserve their freshness, stick the plastic back on the top. 

They come with a total of ten wipes, which are about the size of regular baby wipes.

What do you think of the Wipes?
I personally find everything with the Wipes to be perfect. I find that if I buy too many wipes from another brand, they tend to dry out in the middle of the box, making it a total waste. However, because there are ten wipes in a small container, they end up paying for themselves in the long run. They don't have a heavy scent and are very easy to slip into my purse. They are also cheap enough that I could easily slip one or two containers into my Cart when I do make a purchase from Eden again.

If you like these wipes, you can use my affiliate code TKR to get 15% off your whole order. 

product picture
Wipes by EdenFantasys

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