Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How I Like Waterbased Lube

Looking for a good lube is nothing short of a miracle and a half. I first tried Astroglide and absolutely hated it. So off to EdenFantasys I went to find a nice waterbased lube that is agreeable with my many, many silicone toys. And to great avail! I found it! The name of the great product is Sliquid H2O.

How do I use it?
Sliquid H2O is a waterbased lube that pretty much simulates the real deal. It's great for couples that need a little bit extra lubrication for penis in vagina sex or toy in vagina sex. It's also great for light anal play (like inserting small butt plugs), though I would consider using a thicker lube if you are thinking about a penis or other like sized (or longer/ wider) objects for more heavy duty butt sex. I used this to insert my anal plug and had no issues with it. It will last for about thirty to forty five minutes with a dime sized application. I found that due to its chemical taste, it is not appropriate for oral sex.

Waterbased lube is compatible with all toy materials under the sun, so all your toys can be enjoyed without fear of ruining them. I have a lot of silicone toys and I do not have to worry about ruining them. Sliquid H2O also makes a great a skin moisturize. I really like how it doesn't flake off after play, but instead, is nicely absorbed by the body, even after heavy duty use. Clean up is not necessary.

Because it is waterbased lube, do not use it in the shower because it will just wash off and thus serve no purpose. If you want to resurrect it on dry land, then use a little bit of saliva or water to make it slippery again.

The drippy part in the middle of my hand is the lube.
What is Sliquid H2O made of and what does it feel like?
It has so few ingredients, it should be illegal. It is made of purified H2O,sorbitol, cellulose, and polyquart 007. It boasts of being paraben free, glycerin free, L-arginine free, and petrochemicals free. It is marketed as a vegan product.  It is very body safe and should not cause any infections in even the most sensitive women. It has no detectable smell whatsoever; however, it has an awful taste, so be sure not to do oral sex after applying this on yourself/ partner. It sort of has a chemical taste that will linger for about a couple minutes after tasting.

It feels like all other water based lubes; or for better reference, it kind of feels like a watered down massage oil. It slowly slides around when applied (like molasses), and when rubbed in thoroughly, there is no residue or gunky stuff whatsoever. In fact, it leaves the skin smelling very smooth.

How is it packaged?
Sliquid H2O comes in 4 oz. bottle with Sliquid H20 written on the blue label wrapped around it. Underneath it, it says natural intimate lubricant. It's too big to take as a carry on and not entirely discreet. It also has a pretty flower design boasting of its vegan characteristics. On the back is the list of the ingredients and what nasty chemicals it lacks. It's presented in such a way that I think it would be good gift for a bridal shower or a close friend.

The cap is flip top, which means that in order to get more out of the bottle, you need to clean your hands a little bit so that you won't get lube all over the place. I personally wish Sliquid instead used a pump style top so that messes would be absolutely minimal.

So what do you think of Sliquid H20?
I really like even though I probably won't use it vaginally or during partner sex, because I tend to do a lot of oral and it doesn't taste that great. It does make light anal play enjoyable and I really do like how body safe it is. It's great for someone looking for an awesome vegam product. I think I'll probably use this as a skin conditioner most of the time because I love how soft it makes my skin feel.

If you are still interested in Sliquid H2O, use my affiliate code TKR to get 15% off.

product picture
Lubricant by Sliquid LLC

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