Friday, July 29, 2011

EdenCafe Contests Featuring: Shots Media

First off, I just want to talk about an inspiring story featured on EdenCafe this week about a young woman and her struggles with her self image and her family. This woman was pressured by her family to do what they felt was right for her, and in the process of trying to please her family, she became depressed and dissatisfied with herself. After she had her two children, she came to realize that she knew what made her happy, and her happiness shouldn't be based on what her family wants her to do, but instead, what she wants to do.

This is a struggle that many women (and men) face today; often we are told that if we don't look or talk a certain way, eat a certain way, or carry ourselves about a certain way, we need to bully ourselves until we fit the bill that is set before ourselves. In the process, many people are unhappy with themselves, and some of them never achieve a goal that other people have set for them.

What we must remember is that we shouldn't allow people to tell us what is supposed to make us happy, because, after all, who knows us better than ourselves? We need to love us for ourselves, and of course, even if we are trying to self improve our short comings, it is also necessary to give ourselves a pat on the back and be proud of our accomplishments. To read more about this, go to EdenCafe.

Now... contest time! EdenFantasys is giving away some pretty awesome toys by Shots Media... The first prize is a Vibrating EggSilicone Stimulator, G spot stimulator, and two vibrating rings. The second prize is the Vibrating Egg, the Silicone Stimulator and one vibrating ring. The third prize is the G spot stimulator and one cock ring. All of these are super awesome toys and overall, just a really great package. If you like the sounds of this, click here to find out how you can enter.

Good luck to everyone!

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