Saturday, July 30, 2011

EdenCafe Contests Presents: Shots Media

Today, I was browsing EdenCafe and came across a funny little article. It talks about the Bloody Mary Chant (you know, you stand in front of the mirror and chant her name three times; then she comes out of the mirror and kills you). The writer instead talks about what if someone chanted a name of a person they want to have sex with; who would they summon?

I thought it was kind of funny because he talks about how some people would want Arnold or Halle Berry; what would you have them do? Would you make them act like they did in their films and say their lines as well? Or would you really, truly summon that porn actor/ actress you've always dreamed of fucking? Or would it be an alien? If we really got the chance to have the bed mate of our dreams, would we actually ask them to do it or is it really just pleasurable fantasy for us?

I would like to think I would still would be interested in Brad Pitt in his Fight Club years....

Now for the contest! EdenFantasys is giving away awesome toys by Shots Media; the first prize is  a Vibrating Egg, a p spot and/ or g spot silicone stimulator, a silicone g spot vibe AND two vibrating cock rings. The second prize is the vibrating egg, the silicone stimulator AND one cock ring. The third prize is the g spot stimulator and one cock ring. Colors and designs are dependent on availability.

If you like the sounds of this, go here to find out how you enter for a chance to win.

Until next time, good luck all!

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