Saturday, July 30, 2011

After reading a few other people's blogs, I feel my blog lacks... personality. After going over a few posts, they seem very technical and a bit empty. So I want to compensate for my lack today.

But what am I like in real life? Well, it's hard to be the judge of ourselves, so I'll just tell you my interests and maybe you can make your own judgements. I am obsessed with all things pink; be it furniture, purses, notebooks, sex toys, whatever. The hotter the pink, the better. And if it has a crazy paisley design or glitter design, then I'll lust after it more than I lust after men.

I love sex. So much so that I feel like I'm obsessed with that too. I never keep a partner around for long, but I'll take it when I get it. My only turn off is when a guy won't use a condom; unless we've been tested together, I want to be safe. I also love, love, love sex toys. Seriously, give me a silicone, hot pink vibe and I promise I'll do anything for you.

I also am a firm believer in looking my best anywhere and everywhere. I need my Mac and Chanel; without it, I feel unprepared for the world. I love my colorful bras and my cute dresses.

I love art; hell, I need art to live. I've grown an appreciation for the beautiful and fine things of the world by spending hours inside museums. Art has taught me lessons that life could only dream of teaching me.

And my final love; the gym. Without it, I could never maintain the figure I've grown to love. I like being thin and I love the attention I get for it. I'm kind of an attention whore, but who cares? It makes life fun.

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