Saturday, February 11, 2012

My WTF Question of the Day

On my Fifi review, someone APPARENTLY read the whole review, and then proceeded to ask me, "How wide is it?" and "How big of a squirt did I have?"

I'm slightly irritated with the first question because the dimensions are stated on the product page and my review. I can't break open the toy to find the diameter, which is what I'm assuming what he was asking me to do. Sorry, it's a nice toy and I would like to keep in my toy box for a while.

As for the second question; what the fuck?? Sorry, guy, can't say I have a beaker laying between my legs to give you an exact amount of fluid coming out of my urethra. When I'm masturbating, I have other things to worry about. You know, like cumming or something.

For starters, I don't ask dudes how much ejaculate they just got rid of when using a Fleshlight. All I can think of is, "Cool! They came. Onto to the relevant parts of the review."

I don't even know where to start so I can examine the creep and weirdo factor behind this statement. What. The. Fuck. That would make more sense if I was making a porno or something, but instead, I was trying to write a sex toy review. Two totally different things.

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