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The Daily Review: Evangeline Bustier and Thong [32]

Here's another lingerie review for the sex positive people of Eden. This piece is the Evangeline Bustier and Thong by DreamGirl.

This lacier, pink and black bustier and thong set is most suitable for bedroom play and for a kink oriented environment. However, it can also function as a top if paired properly with the right pair of pants/ skirt/ skort/ etc. This isn't as comfortable as my other bustier, but I could wear this for short periods of time.

The set includes a bustier and a g-string. It comes in one color scheme, light pink and black. Eden has several sizes available including 32, 34, 36, and 38.

I was attracted to the many frilled trimmings that the bustier had, but this might not be for everyone. The corset also has three large bows, placed in the center of the chest, and off to each side on the bottom. It has cups and underwire, for those that need the support. It also has four removable garters. It is a halter styled top, which is made by tying up the two ribbons behind the neck. The boning is plastic.

The corset and thong came packaged in a large, clear plastic bag.

The thong and the corset are made of 100% polyester. The tag on the corset states that it must be dry cleaned only, and the tag on the thong states that it must be washed cold by hand and hung out to dry. Be sure to not to bleach either piece.

I purchased the 32 size, which is equivalent to the small. According to the small size, I should have a 32- 34" bust, a 24- 26" waist, and 34- 36" hip. I should also weigh 90- 120 pounds.

I have a 32" bust, a 28" waist and a 33" hip. I weigh 97 pounds. However, despite the fact that my waist was bigger than Dream Girl's measurement, my tummy was flattened, and it fit perfectly. Everything fit well, except for the bust. The firm claimed that it would fit busts from 32- 34". However, when I wore it, it seemed more appropriate for those who have 35-36" busts. Had I wanted to that, I would have ordered the 34. Because it doesn't fit properly, there's some space between the corset and my breasts.

The corset has a zipper on the side, which makes it super easy to get in and out. It also laces up in the back; there are two large ribbons the tie up and down, which then meet in the middle. There are ten holes on each side. 

From the middle of the bust to the hem, the bustier is 15 inches in length. For the front and back, it is a total of 13" when it's not stretched. When tightened completely, it takes about 2" off the entire bustier. The hem is 2 1/2 inches in length. The cup is 5 1/2  inches long and 6 inches wide.

The thong is a regular thong, with bikini bottom strings as sides. It is about five inches across in the front and 3 inches in the back. The front to back length is 16 inches. When it's not stretched, it's a total of 12 inches. When fully stretched, it is 17 inches. The panty liner starts about 5 1/2 inches into the thong and doesn't have an ending point. When I wore it, I had no issue with placement.



What did you think of the set?

It's really pretty, but I'm not a fan of the poorly fitting bust. I've had too many lingerie pieces that didn't fit some part of me right, just because I'm too thin. 

I also noticed that when I sat down, the bustier would dig into my armpits. It would also slide and the bust would rise above my breasts, which would leave the rest of the corset to squish them. I could sit down and wear it only for about ten to fifteen minutes before I got annoyed with it. I highly recommend wearing this if the user knows that he/ she/ it/ etc. won't be spending a lot of time in it, and if so, avoid sitting if possible. It's not too bad when standing, however. 

I really want to like this corset because it has so many things to offer, at least for me. I love how classy the lace up style is, but I'm also a fan of the zipper on the side because it allows the wearer to get in and out really fast. The fringe and the bows on the front and sides are absolutely adorable as well. I also liked that it had detachable garters as well. The halter top style was definitely a fun touch. And the thong fit like a charm!

Pros: Underwire, super frilly, halter style, removable garters, pretty, flattened my tummy like it wasn't even there.
Cons: The bust was way too big!, dug into my arm pits and squished my breasts when I sat down or slouched.

The set earns 3.5 Stars. However, since Eden doesn't offer that rating, I'll bump it up to 4 Stars. If you still like this, or anything else on Eden, you can use my code TKR to get 15% off your entire order.  

product picture
Bustier by DreamGirl
Material: Polyester

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