Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Daily Rant

Some amusing assumptions that I come across when I read lingerie reviews for almost any kind of lingerie company or retailer:
1. I am woman. Right. What if I was a cross dressing male and I want to find some sexy bras or thongs? I would be offended. Also, what if I'm not identifying as a woman for that particular day? There are days when I think of myself as a man, so again, the offense factor plays in.

2. I have a man. I'm not sure of my sexual orientation, but  there are days when I couldn't even imagine myself being with most men (Brad Pitt is the only exception). On these days, I feel incredibly asexual or I'm incredibly attracted to women. 

3. The point of me looking at and buying lingerie (and many vibrators) is to impress "My Man." No, no it's not. Some days I really want to walk around in a g-string and skimpy bra because I want to. Not because it's my obligation to the male race to be their eye candy. 

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