Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lying Asshole

I went on a date with a doctor that lives about forty five minutes away from me that I met on my sugar daddy site, and he turned out to be a total flake.

On his profile, and via his texts, he promised me financial compensation on our first date. I was so relieved because I have a shit ton of bills to pay within the next week or so. We met at a pricier restaurant near where I lived, and we talked about bullshit; how we came to the website, stories, who we met, etc. I told him I had to leave earlier because I had a doctor's appointment (I really didn't want to be there for long).

After talking to him for almost TWO HOURS, we separated and he didn't fucking pay me. I wouldn't be pissed if he was honest, and told me that he wasn't going to pay me on our first date. But he lied and completely mislead me.

Fuck you, asshole, I will never meet with you again. I'm just going to continue chatting it up with other men that will actually pay me when I meet with them.

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