Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Want Candy

wow. just wow. that's all I can say about my new Minx  harness by Aslan. Actually, i can say a lot of really amazing things about it. but holy hell, this is probably my new favorite toy that I have ever, ever owned. I would like to thank the shop I trust for allowing to me to review such a work of art.

How do you use it?
This harness is meant for more feminine minded folk. This can be used for: pegging, lesbian couples, post op trans people, pre op trans people, and anyone else who would feel they would benefit from wearing a harness.

Since I sadly do not have a female lover to please or someone to peg, so I chose to wear this (and make new fake penis) around town when I was a more masculine mood. It's so damned comfortable that it didn't dig into my skin, chafe, or feel uncomfortable in any shape or form.

It has an interchangeable O ring that allows you to use dildos with a diameter as large two inches.

What is the Pink Candy made of and how do you clean it?
The Minx is made of the most luxurious leather that I've ever had the pleasure to touch my skin. It's so ridiculously smooth and comfortable that I had no issue walking around my school doing my daily routine without bother. It has a rather strong smell of leather, which I'm a really big fan of (but others may not be). It's also incredibly well made; the leather is not pulling itself apart and does not shed. It also has metal buckles for adjusting the straps.

Leather can be cleaned by wiping it down with a rag with water (and a little bit of soap, if it's really messy) and then stored by putting in a cool, dry place. So keep this out of the bathroom. I like to keep it in my lingerie drawer. If it starts to crack, apply a little bit of leather conditioner to moisten things up.

How is the Minx designed?
The front of the harness is a large pink triangle that covers the front of the crotch that then turns into two white straps and something sort of like a panty liner that covers the crotch. (If you don't like the liner, you can remove that). The back of the harness splits into adjustable straps that are meant to be placed underneath the buttcheeks. The straps can be adjusted if the harness is placed to high or low, depending on your situation. The top back of the harness has a corset style that can be adjusted if the waist is too small or large, whatever your issue may be. It is one size fits most, for waists up to 60 inches.   The side straps can also be adjusted to be tighter or looser.

There are small metal studs on parts of the harness to keep it together, and on the part of the O ring as well. The O ring can be changed to accomodate other types of O rings. The maximum size dildo that can be used is a 2 inch diameter. It has a total weight of 0.75 lbs.

The Minx is a low riding harness, meant to be worn around the hips. I feared that the Minx was going to be too big for me, because I have tiny hips (about 33 inches). However, I found that we were a perfect match and I still had a few notches to go before it would not fit me. So it should fit even the littlest ladies (or gents).

What did you think of the Pink Candy Minx?
Did I mention that this is my new favorite toy and I don't know why I haven't bought an Aslan harness before? Well, that's what I think of it. I had a few worries about this harness before it arrived; would it be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time? Was it well made? Would I still feel like a man even if it was pink?

And holy mother of god, I'm not sure why I had these doubts. I was so comfortable in my harness that I took a nap with it and was completely content. I like how I can wear this around campus under a dress and no one but myself knows that I have it on. With jeans, it's a bit more noticeable so if you are pant wearing types of person, make sure they're nice and loose. I really like to wear it during my more "masculine"days, but with it, I can feel masculine without comprising a sense of feminity.

It's incredibly well made and definitely deserves the price tag that it received. I highly recommend this toy to everyone. If you still like the Pink Candy (which you better), use my affiliate code TKR to get 15% off.

product picture
Double strap harness by Aslan Leather
Material: Leather
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

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  1. I figured out how what I was doing wrong! Sorry about that. I try to comment on every ones blogs when they have blog reviews. What a lovely blog you have! So jealous that you have this harness. It really is beautiful one. Great job on your review. I am glad you like it. Have a wonderful day!