Monday, July 4, 2011

What Should I Put In My Butt?

To my American readers, let me start off by saying, "Happy Independence Day!"

Today's discussion is about anal sex, specifically anal sex with sex toys. In American culture, anal sex holds a certain taboo that wards off many individuals from fulfilling personal exploration. Males specifically have been told that if they enjoy anal sex of any type, they must be homosexual; please bear in mind that what actually makes an individual gay is not what they like to stick where, but what gender they are attracted to.

So why is anal sex good? For males, prostate stimulation is considered the male equivalent of the g spot stimulation found in women. For women, it can help increase pleasure during activities such as the perineal  massage.
But how do you start with anal sex? Should you grab your nearest cucumber and shove it up your ass? Absoultely not. Not only is that incredibly disgusting (think of all the germs!), it's very dangerous. Your butt is made of tons of very sensitive tissue that when torn, can cause some severe damage, and could also send you to the ER. Also, items without flared bases can be sucked in by your rectum which, left unmoved, can cause infections, anal bleeding, and possibly death. In order to get it out, you get to go to the ER, get a shot in your spine, and have it surgically removed. And on top of it all, it's really embarrassing.

But if you can't shove cucumbers up your ass, what do you do?! Actually, before we delve into that, we need to cover some basics first. 

First, whenever you are about to do anything with your butt, make sure you have PLENTY of lube, whether it be oil based, silicone based or water based. Water based lube doesn't need to be cleaned up, but tends to be more runny than silicone or oil based lube, which can make anal play a little difficult. Silicone and oil based lube are thicker than water based, which makes it awesome for butt sex, but remember since your body doesn't absorb these materials, you need to make a conscious effort to clean yourself up after sex. As a side note, some toys, such as silicone toys CANNOT be used with oil or silicone based lubes because it causes them to warp; be sure to use only water based lubes with them. Other materials, such as plastic, metal, glass, ceramic and steel can be used with any type of lube. Be sure to take note of material compatibility before you buy a product.

Second, make sure whatever you're going to put up your butt is safe for your body and has a flared base. This is where sex toys come into play. If you read my last post, you will be familiar with porous and non porous toys (toys that harbor bacteria and toys that don't). Some great materials that ass friendly are food grade silicone (NOT silicone mixes), glass, metal, ceramic, and steel. Materials that should be avoided are jelly, sil-a-jel, rubber, and cyberskin (for a complete list of body healthy and unhealthy materials, please visit here). If you decide to use the latter materials, please use a condom with them because they will harbor all the bacteria from your rectum, which can cause a nasty burning/ itching sensation and infections. If your toy is causing you discomfort, discontinue use immediately. 

A flared base is ABSOLUTELY necessary because you can easily remove the toy when you are done with play. If you don't have a flared base on your toy, you run into some serious risks that your butt might eat your toy. In fact, sexologist Ducky Doolittle discusses in her video objects that have been surgically removed from people's asses while they decided to play with their butts. Even the largest and widest cucumbers can be sucked up, only for the ER doctor to painfully remove it. If it can be pulled out by a string, make sure that the string is strong enough so that it doesn't leave material in your ass. On that note, I would avoid toys made with nylon cords; a lot of anal beads are made with this, so take care to read about what materials your toys are made of. Again, make sure your stringed toys have a good, solid base.

For the ladies, please make sure that when you are done with your toys for anal use, you properly clean it before it's used in your vagina. I can't even stress how unclean ass to vagina use is; this can cause so many diseases and infections. For both men and women; please make sure that you always clean your toys immediately after use so that you may minimize your health hazards.

Now you know the basic ground rules, what do you need to buy? Let's start off with lubes; I personally like Climax Bursts anal lube, but it's not good for vaginal use, especially for women that are very sensitive to yeast infections. Some other excellent brands are Sliquid, System JO, and Empowered Products- their Gun Oil product is actually rated quite high. I've also read that massage oils work as excellent lubricants, but just be sure that it doesn't carry anything that might cause discomfort to you. However, some oils may warp condoms, so make sure you don't use condoms that are silicone based- some excellent choices to look into are lamb skin products.

So what kind of toys to buy? Some brands I recommend for anal play are Tantus, Fun Factory, Close2You, Jimmyjane, and Zini. Now, of course there are plenty of others out these, so this is only a very short list. Also remember that not all of their toys are anal toys, so remember to apply my precautions when buying a toy. Some companies will market a toy for anal use, but it may not be entirely safe; for example, the base may be too small or it may be made of really body unsafe materials. Use your intelligence and discretion to make the right choice for you.

I know this was a really long note today, but I hope this helped you so that you may be off to enjoy your anal journeys. As a final note, all these products I've mentioned today can be found at EdenFantasys; right now, until July 8th, there is a Forth of July sale on all American made lubes, toys and Liberator products. If you want 15% off your entire order, be sure to use my affiliate code TKR.

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