Sunday, July 3, 2011

All Toys Are Not Created Equal

Sex toys are a wonderful tool for exploration and self fulfillment, but did you know that all sex toys are not created alike? There are thousands of toys; some common toys that many women (and men!) use are vibrators, dildos, anal plugs and beads, cock rings, prostate massagers (both vibrating and non vibrating) , G spot vibes and dildos, clit vibes- such as bullets and eggs, Fleshlights and other similar products (many of them higher quality), and so much more.

And many toys are also made of many different materials. Some popular materials that toys are made of are jelly, rubber, TPR, TPE, elastomer, silicone, glass, and metal. The list, of course, goes on. So why does it matter what your toys are made of?

Because like everything else you put into your body, it will obviously affect, for better or worse. The first four toy materials I mentioned cannot be sterilized, which means that even if you clean your toy, your bacteria from your body will still be there, which inevitably lead to unpleasant sensations or infections. If you experience either of these things, make sure you discontinue use with that toy(s) immediately.

Some people like to use condoms on their toys to minimize the bacteria that their toy comes into contact with; if you enjoy using lower grade materials, especially with materials such as jelly, Sil-a-gel, and rubber, a condom is absolutely necessary. Not only will it lengthen the life of your toy, but it will minimize any infections you may contract when using it.

Lower grade materials tend to have a short lifespan, so think twice before you drop an obscene amount of money on them. But since many toys are made of these types of materials, what should you invest in? Materials such as glass, silicone (NOT silicone mixes, but food grade silicone), metal and stainless steel are a good, safe option to invest in. Granted they cost a little more, but these toys will last practically forever and they are much safer option overall.

If you want to read about more materials I haven't mentioned (because they are sooo many more!), please visit Eden Fantasys Material Safety Guide and Babeland Materials Guide. The guide lists all materials that sex toy makers use, how to clean it, and how body safe it is. I hope this helps you on your toy journey!

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