Friday, July 8, 2011

Ride the Wave (seriously!)


The Bimini Ocean is a rabbit vibrator; however, it can also be used safely as an anal toy. It is wonderful for beginners because it has a wide variety of vibration modes and is not at all intimidating in size or shape, but it's also great for advanced users looking for a smaller toy with a little bit of power behind it. It can be used in both solo and couple situations.

Design/ Material

Te Ocean I bought comes in a hot pink color (woo!), but if you don't like that, EdenFantasys offers the Ocean in light pink and royal blue. The top of it has a little bump that looks a protruding wave that is meant to hit the g spot (or p spot, depending on your anatomy). I've read other reviews where women said that it almost hit their g spot but it came up a tad short. However, I have a smaller anatomy and it hit my g spot perfectly. The clitoral part of the rabbit is a non animal attachment which is small "wave" bump.  I noticed that when I'm on my back using it, the bump hits my clit perfectly, but when I'm standing, it barely misses it. The clit attachment doesn't have a separate motor from the rest of the toy, so the vibrations tend to be weakest there.

The Ocean is made of food grade silicone; it is also latex free, non porous, phthalates free,  and hypo allergenic. Fun Factory's silicone is very velvety to the touch and because of that, it has a slight drag. If you don't like the drag, I would suggest using a water based lube. The Ocean has almost no give to it, save a little bit of squishiness at the top. It's pretty solid, but not so unforgiving that it's similar to glass or metal; it's just a tad harder than a penis.

How Big and Strong is the Ocean?

The entire length of the Ocean is 5 1/2 inches or 14 cm for my non American readers. It has a total insertable length of 3 inches (7.62 cm), a total circumference of 4 inches (10.16 cm) and a total diameter of 1 1/4 inches (3.2 cm). It weighs eight ounces.  It's small enough to stick into your purse or carry -on item at the airport. If you are a size queen, this toy is not meant for you. I have smaller hands, so I didn't have problems with gripping the toy during play, but I can easily see how someone with bigger hands could have issues. If it's slippery with lube or water, it's easy to loose your grip.

The Ocean is waterproof and has about the same amount of power that it has when used in a dry setting. The control pad is on the back; to turn on the Ocean, make sure to apply pressure for a couple seconds to the plus sign on the back of the toy. To go higher, press on the plus; to go lower, press on the minus. Since you have to apply moderate pressure on the control pad, it's hard to change the setting, even if it's slips inside of you. On its highest setting, you could hear through bed sheets, but not through a door.

There are three modes of vibration: regular vibrating mode, where it starts off light- medium and moves to a very intense setting. Then there is pulsing mode, which starts off rather intense and ends with a mode stronger than the typical vibrator. The last mode is "wave mode" where the vibrator will go through waves of intensity,, which are paralleled to the pulsing mode. There are nine intensities, with 3 intensities for each mode.

How the Ocean is Powered

The Ocean  runs on the Click n' Charge technology that FF has manufactured. At the bottom of the toy, there is a Fun Factory logo that has a magnetic attraction to the cord. The cord has the same FF logo, which you match up with the toy's logo. It's all based on magnets- the cord is not inserted into the toy. When connected, it should turn a bright red to show that it's being charged. When it's done charging, the logo will turn off completely. The toy should be charged for about six hours when you first receive it. The charger can be a pain to apply, so I found that if I had the g spot part facing the charger, the magnets were less likely to move around, especially when placed on a flat surface. The charger comes in it's own separate box.

Cleanliness/ Packaging/ Storage

To sterilize it, wipe down the toy with a 10% bleach solution; to simply clean it, get either your favorite toy cleaner or soap and a little bit of warm water and wipe down the whole toy and leave to air dry. I would recommend washing it before use as well.

When you store this, bear in mind that you do NOT store with other silicone or silicone mixed toys.  The Fun Factory box it comes with is a good container, but a nice toy box will suffice as well.

When I got my Ocean, it came packaged in a Fun Factory box, with a magnetic back and a little window to view your toy from the front. The front reads Bimini Ocean vibrator. It's classy enough to give the box as a gift. In the box, you get instructions on how to charge the Ocean, another insert that shows other toys made by FF and a sample of their lube. The lube could probably used two to three times, depending on your needs.

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product picture
G-spot and clitoral vibrator by Fun Factory
Material: Silicone

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