Sunday, July 31, 2011

Last Call! EdenCafe Contests Presents: Shots Media

Today, I came across an article written by a dad on EdenCafe. The man talks about the hard ships of having a steady sex life while you have kids, grown adults and fathers in law all under the same roof.

I really do appreciate my single life because I really don't have to be considerate of others when I decide to have sex in the kitchen- I don't need to be considerate because there is no one to be considerate of. When you're a parent, the whole ball game changes. Sneaking around, light deception and taking advantage of every free moment you get is a must when you're a parent.

I feel for my own parents simply because I know they have their sex life and though they have been gracious enough for me to live with them till I get my degree, I know that having me and my siblings around has to put a damper on their own personal time. For parents, just know we appreciate your sacrifice, and for older teenagers and adults, do all you can to help your parents out. To read more about the dad I was talking about, click here.

Now, for the contest! Today is the last day to submit your entries for the Shots Media giveaway from EdenFantasys. To register, go to EdenCafe and they will show you what you are eligible to win and how you can enter.

Until next time, Good luck!

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