Saturday, December 17, 2011

Durex Condom Review

For today's review, I will be discussing Durex Extra Sensitive condoms that can be purchased at EdenFantasys.

I've been opting for non-Trojan condom alternatives because I found that even their thinnest condoms tend to be some of the thickest on the market, and after some research that I completed, that thicker condoms don't necessarily prevent the spread of diseases or pregnancy any better than their thinner counterparts. Which brings me to the Durex extra sensitive condoms.

The purpose of condoms is to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections and diseases, and pregnancy. Condoms do not completely prevent either of these things, but they greatly reduce their occurrences. Using a condom during sex as your primary birth control method will reduce it by 85%. Since these are a one time use, be sure to use these only one time and change condoms when you switch from vaginal to anal to reduce infection. Be sure to only use these one time because they will not work if used more than once. Do not leave in the direct sunlight or heat. If your condom is dry or has a loss in elasticity, make sure to dispose of it. Make sure to check the expiration date and use it before then.

Since these are male condoms, this is ideal for hetero couples who enjoy the extra protection and for those that prefer non hormonal birth control. This is also wonderful for male homosexual couples and for those that enjoy using extra protection when playing with sex toys. Using a condom with a sex toy also makes for incredibly easy clean up. Since these contain latex, this is not at all meant for those who suffer from latex allergies. To reduce condom breakage, it's also best to use this with either silicone or water based lube. If you use an oil based lube or massage oils, then it can cause the condom to degrade, thus destroying the condom.

These are slightly larger than average sized condoms, so these are meant for men (or toys) with slightly above average length and girth. If you are too long, this will not cover the whole penis, and if it's too tight, it can cause a restriction of blood flow to the penis and you could risk breaking the condom during use. This should fit men (or toys) with a length of up to 8 inches and a head width of 1 2/5 inches. If you are larger than these dimensions, then it's best to order a size up in condoms.

These can also be used during oral sex, but I found that though it's listed as being unflavored, it has a slight rubbery and powdery texture. If I was to use condoms during oral sex, I would either opt for a flavored option or accessorize with a flavored lube. The condom is clear so you should be able to see your partner's penis without an issue. These come pre-lubricated, but if you so desire, you can also supplement it with water or silicone lube.

What did you think of these?
I personally prefer to go without, but having extra protection is a major plus. These don't feel completely natural but since they are thinner, they do feel better than Trojan condoms. My partner also had no issues with the condom; again, he said it didn't feel natural, but he enjoyed the closeness and intimacy that he got from this condom. I would gladly recommend these to those who are seeking a good form of protection and don't want to suffocate their partners' penises.

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product picture
Male condom by SSL International
Material: Latex

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