Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Almost Perfect Match

I got a new piece of lingerie today, and I'll be honest, I'm a bit on the fence with this one. What I purchased was the Rope G-String by Cottelli from EdenFantasys, the shop I trust.

Now, I love, love, love crotchless panties. There's something about having easy access to the pussy, even when wearing the most scandalous of dresses that just turns me on. When I saw these on the model, I fell in love instantly. However, now that I actually own them, I want to love them, but I'm struggling with it. What seems to be the problem?

Well, the panties come in three sizes: S/M, ML, and L/XL. I purchased the S/M size. My measurements are as follows: 26" waist and 33" hip; I usually wear an XS or S. The size chart on Eden doesn't give the exact measurements for combined sizes, but Colleti's should fit individuals with a 65 to 73 cm waist and 92- 98 cm hip. The medium size waist fits 74-81 cm and a hip size of 99-104 cm.In our inconvenient measuring system, that means the thong should fit those who have a waist size from 25" - 31", and a hip size of 36"- 40".

The thong is made of polyester and only comes in black. It can be washed by hand or you can use the machine. I prefer the machine because it's more convenient; it's best to air dry it after being washed. The ropes do have about 2 to 3 inches worth of stretch, but the diamond design does not stretch at all.

The thong has a gorgeous design; there are two "rope" pieces- the top sits at about your belly button, while the second piece sits at about the hip level. The front of the thong is shaped almost like a diamond, and has an interesting net like design. At the top of my labia majora, the diamond splits into two ropes, allowing the wearer to have complete access to the clit and vagina. The back of the thong is still divided into two ropes, but sit together between the butt cheeks, and then create an intersection with the back ropes.

The thong was almost perfect, almost. I found that the front and the sides perfectly, though it was placed a little high on my stomach. The back, though, was a tad too long and has an excess of about an inch hanging off my butt. Polyester should not shrink,but with the help of my iron and hot water, I should be able to alter the panties so that it fits my butt better. These panties are perfect for anyone who fits a regular small or a smaller medium
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product picture
Sexy panty by Cottelli
Material: Polyester

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