Friday, August 5, 2011

Slim Guys Just Aren't My Type

Today, I'm going to talk to you about Doc Johnson's Slim Smooth Delight. I got this as a nice gift from the shop I trust (thanks!). I got him yesterday and personally he really doesn't do much for me. But we'll talk about that later....

How do you use the Slim Smooth Delight?
The Slim vibrator is meant to be used either vaginally or on the clit. It can also be used on erogenous regions of the body as well. Since it doesn't have a flared base, it is not meant to be inserted anally, but you can use the Slim for anal teasing or rimming. If do this, be sure to use a condom on him because Slim cannot be sterilized.

This is great for people that enjoy light vibrations and slightly bulbed toys. The toy sort of reminds me of dental equipment to be honest. But anyway, the Slim has a bulbed head, slim neck and a slight bump. The bump is subtle, but it really bothered me when I inserted it all the way. This is not good for people who have finicky pubic bones or those who really don't care for bulbed toys.

Slim is not waterproof so do not take him into the shower. Slim does have a pretty cool glow in the dark feature though.

How big is the Slim and what is made of?
About as wide as a nail polish bottle.
The Slim is made of food grade, phthalates free, latex free, hypo allergenic plastic. It is completely smooth and has no drag whatsoever. What I like about plastic is that is compatible with all types of lube, so pick your poison. It has a very slight plastic-y smell, but it can only be smelled if someone's nose was right on top of it. It can't be smelled at arm's length. It tastes like plastic (duh).
About as long as a toothbrush

The Slim is one skinny dude; size queens should look elsewhere. The whole toy is 6 1/2 inches with an insertable length of 5 1/2 inches. The circumference of the toy is 3 1/2 inches and has a total diameter of 1 1/8 inches. I personally like his size; he isn't meant to hit the g spot, but he is great for someone who prefers thinner toys.

How do you clean Slim? 
He's made of plastic so he can't be sterilized, but he can washed using some toy cleaner or soap and water. Do not boil him or stick him in the dish washer please.

How is Slim powered and how powerful is he?
 Slim runs on two AA batteries (not included with the toy). He's not too strong but he is great for teasing. I would say at the very strongest, he's a little bit stronger than a cell phone. What I like about Slim is that he has a lot of power options, so that he can redeem his weak vibes.
1. The first vibration is your typical vibrating effect at a very soft intensity.
2. The second vibration is slightly stronger intensity of the first mode.
3. The third vibration is stronger than the above two.
4. The forth vibration is weaker intensity and has a wave like mode.
5. The fifth is a stronger pulsing mode.
6. This mode is a random pulsating mode.

The toy is very quiet; I think if placed under a thick blanket, the toy cannot be heard by anyone else in the room. He also does not have an off/ on button; to turn it off, you have to go through all the modes and then it will turn it off. To turn on, simply click the button.

How is Slim packaged?
Slim is packaged in a plastic bubble wrap container... and that's pretty much it. It comes with no instructions. To be honest, I wasn't hoping for all that much, but I would have been content with a small box that could hold him. So be prepared to have a home ready for Slim for when he arrives.

So what did you think of Slim?
I really liked using Slim as a teaser toy on my clit, but he was way too weak to get me off. I didn't like inserting him because for some reason, the second bulb wasn't agreeing with my pubic bone. It wasn't painful but I just didn't care for the sensation. I usually do like bulbed toys, but they have to have them all over (like Fun Factory's Bubbles) or it won't do the trick.

I do wish it was stronger, and I found that when inserted internally, he was even weaker. Overall, I think I'll be using this when I want a lighter toy, but I do have other toys I prefer. If you still Doc Johnson's Slim vibe, you can use my affiliate code TKR to get 15% off your entire order.
product picture
Traditional vibrator by Doc Johnson
Material: Plastic

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