Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What do I Want in My Sex Toy? Part I

Today I'm going to focus on women's sex toys; what kind of toy is appropriate for whom. However, men are more than welcome to join in on reading, perhaps they can find something for their partner, or maybe, something for themselves.

Women have a lot of options when it comes to sex toys: there are regular, non vibrating dildos- they can appear sleek and shiny, whimsical, or realistic- some are even wonderful for strap ons, depending on the kind of base they have.There are vibrators- which can be broken up into different groups, such as traditional vibrators, g spot vibes, clit vibes or vibrating anal toys- again these can appear whimsical, traditional, or realistic. But what do you pick? Both newbies and experienced users have this issue; how to overcome it? Read on!

~The Dildo~
There a billion types of dildos made of many types of materials, colors and textures. Color is pretty much irrelevant; it all depends on your personal taste. However, materials and textures can either make it or break it for beginners and advanced users.

A beginner (and certain advanced users, such as myself) are going to want to avoid toys heavily laden with lots of texture, such as raised bumps, extreme bulbous surfaces, and extreme patterns and seams. The aforementioned textures can be incredibly uncomfortable and sometimes painful for someone who has never used a toy like this. Some toys can have a drag to them; materials such as silicone usually have a slight drag to it. Sometimes the drag can be alleviated with the application of a little bit of water-based lube, but sometimes the drag can still be existent. Materials such as glass, metals, ceramics and plastics have little to no drag during insertion.

A user is also going to want to take into account exactly WHAT their toy is made of; is it hard or soft? Does it have a smell and will it make my other toys smell? Will it last a long time? And the most important question: is it safe to use on my body and can I share it with others?

If you go here, you will see my post on the types of materials used in sex toys. Take into consideration that many toys made of silicone, glass, metal, VixSkin (realistic looking and feeling silicone), and ceramics are usually a little more expensive, but they will last longer (up to a couple years) and are better for the body. If you want a cheap, short termed solution that won't last longer than a couple months at the very most, then it would be a good idea to invest in jelly or rubber toys. Just remember to use these types of materials with a condom and never use them for anal to vaginal use.

All users can benefit from a well made toy, but toys made of metals, glass, and ceramics (think solid and hard) are a little more unforgiving than silicone and jelly and can easily bruise the vagina/ anus if used with a lot of force and speed; if you are using a toy with a partner, keep an open line of communication so that you may avoid any injuries. More solid materials will make a toy feel bigger than it actually is, as well. If you don't like big toys, avoid average to larger toys made of materials with little to no give.

Some good examples of wonderful beginner dildos are the Lelo Ella  and The Fun Factory Stubs Collection. Both are made by great companies, have minimal texture, have a decent price and made of body safe materials. The Stubs are also great for pegging and for intermediate anal adventure because they have an awesome flared base. And both of these products are sold at EdenFantasys; to get 15% off, use my affiliate code TKR.

We'll be doing parts 2 sometime later this week.
Until next time, good bye!

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