Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day and Independence Day, Oh My!

Hi Everyone!

It's Friday (yes, your welcome for allowing me to state the obvious). Today it is Canada Day, where our Canadian neighbors celebrate the unity of the three colonies into one by the English, which is now known as the country of, you guessed it, Canada!

In the US, Monday is Independence Day, when those bloody Americans started a war with the motherland so they may be independent from the Brits. So I hope my American compadres are stocking up on plenty of "healthy" BBQ supplies, such as ribs, hot dogs, and burgers. And of course, don't forget the booze and and the fireworks. Be happy and be safe!

In other, less exciting news, I'll be in touch with all of you next week to talk about massage oils, lingerie, hand cuffs, and of course, a couple of cute new sex toys.

See you then!

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